Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Penny's birthday!

We went to Nalls Produce to celebrate Penny the Pig's birthday!  The girls love going to Nalls produce to see Penny, the chickens, the fish, and turtles, and all the plants and fruits/vegetables that they have.  During October they have a fun pumpkin patch for the kids and they have fun themes and celebrations throughout the year.

We when arrived, we were greeted with cupcakes and slices of watermelon.  They had several stations set-up for the kids: party hat decorating, coloring a pig picture, and painting rocks.  They were also serving snow cones and running specials on their produce.

 Penny the birthday Pig!

 Checking out the rooster, do you see him?

 After they made their party hats, we tried to get a good picture

 Then they colored pictures of Penny

 Our last activity was painting rocks

We said goodbye to Penny the Pig, we had a great time!

Happy Tuesday y'all!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

US National Arboretum

At the beginning of August, the girls and I went to the US National Arboretum for a morning of exploring.  It was a new adventure for all three of us and we really enjoyed checking out a few of the gardens.  The Arboretum is HUGE and we didn't have time to see everything, but we spent about two hours exploring.

 There is a ton of cactus around the visitor center.

 I thought this was super cool looking.

 Each girl grabbed a map and we headed out.

 Here they are discussing where we should go. 
 I could not stop laughing at how cute they were!

 We spent a lot of time in the bonsai garden.
It was cool because it was super shaded.
The girls liked looking at all the "small trees".


 Always love a good selfie with my big girl.

 We also explored the Washington Youth Garden.
They have a huge learning center and lots of fruits and vegetables growing.

 I took this photo to send my father-in-law.
He is growing kale and Ben and I joke around with him about it.
Kale was the only thing not growing, maybe the season is over? 



And that was our visit to the National Arboretum.

If you plan a visit, you should:

1. Go in the morning, it's very HOT and not a lot of shade
2. Bring water and a snack.  They do have picnic tables for lunch.
3. Bring sunscreen and bug spray.
4. There are restrooms at the visitor center along with maps and volunteers to answer questions.
5. There are several gardens and things to see, we only made it to two of them.
6. It's a lot of walking or you can drive your car to the different gardens.

Happy Wednesday y'all!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Family vacation!

 Good news...the computer is working again!

Last week we took a family vacation to Massanutten Resort near Harrisonburg, Virginia.  Ben won a four day/three night trip to the resort and we were excited for a little getaway.  We spent a lot of time enjoying Harrisonburg, going to a few wineries, and stopping by our favorite chip place. 

We arrived Sunday afternoon and enjoyed the resort's barbeque and pizza restaurant and then a quiet evening in our condo.  Monday morning it was pouring rain so we headed to the indoor pool for a bit and had a great time and made a few new friends.

Monday afternoon we stopped for a treat at Klines Dairy Bar!
I enjoyed the dairy free strawberry smoothie and it was the best smoothie ever!

 Elizabeth had chocolate ice cream.

 Ben had a chocolate ice cream cone. :)

And Caroline enjoyed a vanilla cup.

 After the ice cream, we walked around downtown Harrisonburg.
We found this beautiful fountain in a little park between stores.

 They loved it!!

 After our walk, we found this cute popcorn store!
We sampled several kinds of popcorn and left with a giant bag of white cheddar.
Shirley's popcorn is the absolute best!!

 The girls really enjoyed this cute photo spot.

Best. Popcorn. Ever.

 Monday night we went to the water park at the resort. 
I didn't bring my phone in (so no pictures) because I didn't want it to get wet.
We had a great time (minus my concussion) and even enjoyed dinner at the water park.
We stayed for a little over three hours and the girls loved every single minute!

 Tuesday morning outside our condo.
Do you see the two fawns?

 We found this cute park in Harrisonburg and played for a bit and then enjoyed a picnic.

 After lunch we hit up the children's museum.
We spent hours here and it was so much fun!
The girls loved this TV station area.

 Caroline LOVED the ambulance and played in it for 20-30 minutes.

Tuesday night we made dinner in our condo and then headed to one of the playgrounds at the resort.

 The girls liked running back and forth across this little bridge.

 Selfie with my love.

 Caroline loved the little creek near the playground.

 This tree was just beautiful!
 Caroline photo-bombed the selfie that Elizabeth and I were taking.

 Ben carried the girls out of the playground "like a sack of potatoes". Ha!
 That only lasted a minute.

 Then they wanted to be potatoes again :)

Wednesday morning we checked out of the resort and enjoyed a few more activities before we headed home.  Our first stop was White Oak Lavender Farm.  We enjoyed several hours at the farm; checking out flowers, animals, relaxing in the garden, a wine tasting, and a picnic lunch.

 Caroline really enjoyed the rocking chairs
I think she found her zen :)

There are beautiful hydrangeas all over the farm!
 Three little pigs, ha! 

 They have two cute rabbits

 A beautiful duck pond

 The girls LOVED these swings/chairs

 I love this picture of us!!

 After we left the lavender farm we headed to Route 11 Chips.
Ben and I found these chips four years ago and absolutely love them!

 They have several varieties and you can sample them while touring the facility.
When they are cooking the chips you can see everything from the cooking process to the chips getting put into bags.  It's really cool (but no photos allowed).
 The girls thought the potato statue (?) was really neat.

 Ben and I both scored free bags of chips.
I picked the barbeque chips because they were out of sweet potato chips.

 After route11 chips, we stopped at Aspen Dale Winery at the Barn for a wine tasting.
There wine tasting was so good!!
Every wine was paired with a food picked specifically to enhance the taste of the wine. 
I love wine tasting with my man!

 The girls were a little restless by the end of our trip 
so we made some silly selfies to help pass the time.

Happy Tuesday y'all!