Thursday, April 20, 2017

Spring Break through the south: Part Three

Thursday morning we packed up and headed to Atlanta, Georgia to continue our spring break adventures!  We got into town around lunch time and the girls requested Chick-Fil-A.   We continued driving and spent the rest of the day with my family.  Ben flew into town on Friday morning and we enjoyed the day with the girls and my family.

 Caroline put her lunch in the book box and then went to sleep

 Elizabeth enjoyed watching Beauty and the Beast while eating lunch

 I tried to take a selfie with my niece and my big girl hopped in too

 Love these girlies :)

 These two are sooo sweet!

 Thursday night, we went to Chuck E. Cheese
Caroline loves riding the horse

 And the train!

 Elizabeth tried this running circle thing.

 Caroline's favorite ride was the clock

 She rode it about 10 times

 Annalise did not like the clock

 These sisters love the hot chocolate cup

 Elizabeth liked the clock too

 Thursday night I took the girls to Newtown Park.
This park was built while I was in high school and I had lacrosse practice there.

Friday morning, Ben landed at 8am and we picked him up at the MARTA station at 9am.  We went by the hotel and then we met my mother and brother for lunch.  Once Annalise and Lolly got out of school, we had some water table fun at their house.

 The girls LOVED the water table

Both these girls loved queso for dinner

 And Elizabeth wanted to be in the picture too

My dinner, it was so good!!

Our side of the table :)

And that's Thursday and Friday of our trip.  

Happy Thursday y'all!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spring Break through the South: Part Two

Wednesday morning had us up early and ready to take on EdVenture!  EdVenture is the children's museum in Columbia and I was super excited to take the girls to it.  We have a TON of museums in DC (and they are FREE!) but we don't have a children's museum.  The girls had no idea we were going to a museum designed specifically for them and I loved every minute of our visit!

Exploring and testing boundaries

The girls LOVED this tractor

Caroline loved "driving" by herself

The grocery store was their favorite part!
It was a mini-Publix

Emmie loved checking people out

Caroline loves shopping

Milk and laundry detergent.
The essentials :)

Elizabeth LOVED checking people out!
It was her favorite part of the entire day.

And Caroline loved filling her cart :)

Upstairs Caroline moved around these huge foam pieces while Caroline built a "flying object"

After the bounce house, the girls climbed the wall 

They loved it!

And more grocery store (with the Publix vest this time)

Ruthie loved being Elizabeth's customer

Then Elizabeth went shopping.
Meat and pies were all she wanted :)

Last stop was making pizza.
The girls made me a mushroom pizza.

After a great morning at the museum, I wanted to show the girls campus and Stacy took her kids home for nap/rest time.  The girls and I went to the stadium, The Blatt, Addam's Book Store, the Horseshoe (I showed them where Ben proposed), and then over to the Russell House.

Outside the stadium.
Go Gamecocks!!

I found this sign at Addam's Bookstore

This sign was not there when I was in undergrad or graduate school

By the horseshoe!

Smiling at strangers (I think)

The girls loved running all over the horseshoe and I loved showing them where Ben proposed

We walked over to the Russell House.
Elizabeth was so excited to see the giant Gamecock out front

We grabbed ice cream inside the Russell House before heading back to Stacy's house

Wednesday night, Lindsay and her family came over for a taco night and playing in the backyard.  We had 8 kids running around and it was a blast all night!

End of the night photo
This is the "serious" photo

This is the "pre-jump" photo

This is the "jumping" photo

And the "silly" photo

Stacy and I outside with all the kiddos

Caroline definitely needed a bath after Wednesday

Love this girlie :)

That's a wrap on our trip through the south part two!

Happy Wednesday y'all!