Monday, July 16, 2018

Barbados (Part Four)

On Wednesday, June 27th, we had a busy and full day on the island.  While on my morning run I saw this turtle walking across the yard behind Jessica and Noah's house.  I stopped and watched it for a few minutes and then got moving again.

  Jessica said their neighbor has several turtles as pets and they let them roam free. :)

After I ran, we gathered up the girls and headed to the Flower Forest!
We spent about an hour walking through the Flower Forest and we all loved it!!

Elizabeth carried the map and it had 
pictures on the back of most of the flowers.

 My favorite people!


 Checking out some bugs.

 Amazing views!!



 Elizabeth took our picture :)

 This tree was covered in spikes.

  Vacations with these three are the best!

 They are super excited to take a picture with me...


 I thought these tree roots were amazing

After the Flower Forest we headed back to Copacabana Beach and enjoyed lunch and an afternoon at the beach.  The girls LOVE playing in the water and we had a blast!


 I wanted to bottle this sand and take it with me.
It is so soft and I loved it!

 Snack and rest break :)

 Wednesday night Ben and I went on a date at Castaways.  
The food was amazing, the views of the water were awesome, and my date was the cutest.

 Ben enjoyed taking photos of me while waiting for our food.

End of our date night.
Love this guy!!!

Happy Monday y'all!