Thursday, March 31, 2011

A quarter down, three-fourths to go...

of 2011 that is!  I can hardly believe how quickly this year is moving.  I feel like it just last week when I was making New Years Resolutions and spending all of Scot's money while playing poker.  :)

This year has been extremely busy for Ben and I.  In January we began looking for a home and found one that we liked after about five or six houses.  We put a bid in and three days later the house was ours!

In February we celebrated our three-year dateaversary (for those of you that don't know, that's the anniversary of our first date).  BTW- yes, we know we are cheesy, and we love it!

At the place we first went out, Kelly's Irish Pub.

In the middle of February we went to the Shenandoah Valley to relax at some vineyards and a B&B.

We closed on our house on February 28th.

In March we got excited for March Madness which included basketball and moving into our new home.  We moved on March 19th and have been making our way through the 130 boxes that we brought with us.  I think we have about 4 boxes left so I am pretty pleased with our progress.

As this month comes to end, I am becoming more excited to see what the rest of the year brings.  We have three weddings to go to this summer, a fabulous vacation in August, and home renovations galore.  Enjoy the rest of the year, I know I will!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


So I am working on updating my blog more frequently... and my 365 project has fallen by the wayside.  So it is my desire to begin updating again.  I have worked on the house (and by house, I mean emptying boxes) a lot over the last few days.  I documented some of the progress on the kitchen/dining room/living room level (also known as the first floor).

The living room only has 3 boxes left.

The dining room has 2 boxes and some miscellaneous items. 
The China cabinet is also full of unpacked China!

The kitchen is box free!  However, our dishwasher was leaking so we replaced boxes with tools.

And, in trying to renew my 365 project- my picture from today.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Packing and the big move!

The last 45 days has been a whirlwind of ups, downs, excitement, and overwhelming changes.  Ben and I closed on our first house, had new hardwood floors installed into our new home, packed our entire two-bedroom apartment, and moved into our three-bedroom home!

Starting the packing process....

 Our last dinner in our apartment...

The movers loading the truck.  We used My Truck Buddy and they were great!!!

Items waiting to be loaded onto the truck.

Our living room...

 Our bedroom...

The basement....

Adam and Bridgette taking a short break.

Updated pictures will be coming as soon as we unpack everything.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

New kitchen floor!

On Friday we had the hidious blue carpet pulled up and out and we had beautiful hardwood floors put down in our kitchen.  Ben was there to get some before and after pictures and I am so thankful that he did!

In the morning before construction began...

There was linoleum under the blue carpet

Blue carpet and linoleum are GONE!!

Hardwood floors going in!!


Fabulous floors!  (the red paint has got to go)