Friday, August 26, 2011

16 weeks

The baby is growing.

A "front view picture" for Stacy.

I'm 16 weeks!

The baby is the size of an avocado.
He or she weighs 3.5 ounces and is 4.6 inches long.
The baby can hear my voice starting this week.
Weight gain so far: 8 pounds
(to be fair, we did go on vacation and I ate a lot)

Interesting fact: In 4 weeks, we can find out if the baby is a boy or a girl

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ocean City Vacation

I like to blog about things/events/etc. after they occur, especially if they involve us going out-of-town.  This past Friday, Ben and I went to Ocean City, Maryland for a vacation.  We came back yesterday and had quite the adventure during our 5-day beach break. 

Friday night we got stuck in a horrible thunder storm and had to pull over once the hail started.  We got to Ocean City about 1.5 hours later than planned due to the storm.  We checked into our hotel and discovered our room was a) not ocean front, b) made up of 2 full-size beds, c) had a window-unit AC that sounded like someone was banging a metal trashcan with a stick, d) drunk college kids partying in the room next door until 4am, and e) half the lights not working in our room.  We called the front desk a few times about the kids next door and at 3:30am I finally went downstairs to the front desk and told them we wanted to check out in the morning and wanted a refund for the rest of the week.  At 8:30am, I met with the hotel manager, she gave us a full refund and we found a new hotel down the street.  Our new hotel only had 1 room available (it was hotel week) and it was the same price as our old room.  Once we checked in, we got to our room (if you can call it a room), it was a 3-room-suite complete with living room, kitchenette, king size bed, and private bath with a jacuzzi tub.  It is called the Dow Jones Suite. Ha!  Needless to say, after the night we had, Ben and I were surprised/pleased/excited.

We spent the day at the beach until our room was ready.  In fact, we spent every day relaxing on the wonderful, glorious beach.  Ben in the sun and me under the umbrella.  It was fabulous.  Each night we did a different activity.  Putt-putt miniature golf, a game room, a walk on the boardwalk, dinner at a Japanese steakhouse, and relaxing and watching a movie one evening.  We had a ton of fun running around Ocean City at night and relaxing all day on the beach.  I got a couple of good photos of some of our activities.

mini-golf Saturday night

Sunday at the beach!

Ben enjoying a beach drink for me on Sunday.
We were at this beach restaurant when the earthquake hit on Tuesday.

It rained Sunday night and we found this indoor golf/game place.

I rock at ski-ball!

Ben enjoying 3 of his favorite things: beer, cheese sticks, and wings on Monday night at the board walk.

Hello from Ocean City!

The view from our balcony.

Tuesday night at the Japanese Steakhouse.

Friday, August 19, 2011

15 weeks!

I'm 15 weeks!

The baby is the size of an orange.
He or she weighs 2.5 ounces and 4 inches long.
This week the baby starts to move a ton (but I can't feel him/her yet).
All of his/her arms and legs can move now.
Weight gain so far: 5.3 pounds

Interesting fact about me: I am getting my energy back (yay!) but
I am out of breath all the time (my lungs are starting to get squished)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Yesterday, Ben and I went to start our baby registry at Babies R Us.  It was slightly overwhelming.  I am so fortunate to have many friends with children and so I had a heads up on most of the products I was looking at.  Boppys anyone? 

We were making a lot of progress by picking out furniture, bottles, diapers, etc.  Then we hit the car seat and stroller isles.  Oh. My. Goodness.  This was just absolutely crazy and within 2 minutes, Ben and I both had a system overload.  How do you know which one is the best?  The safest?  How do I know which features I will want?  Are plastic wheels ok?  Do I need rubber wheels?  Do I want a drink holder?  One holder?  Two holders?  A travel system?  A jogging stroller?  A clip and go?  Or all separate pieces?  Holy cow!!!

I remember my best friend Stacy telling me that I want a really light stroller or travel system, so I began looking at the weights.  Most of them were about 20 pounds and then I came across one that was 13 pounds.  Jackpot!  So I pulled out the travel system that was 13 pounds and started playing with it.  It wasn't until my husband pointed out that the stroller was blue and green and covered in monkeys that this was probably a "boy" stroller and we don't know what we are having....yet.

So, then I looked at the travel system next to the 13 pound stroller.  It was a jogging stroller with a travel system.  It also weighs 26 pounds.  Ben and I decided to compare the two.  I pulled it down and took out the car seat to see how easily I could fold the stroller up (this has become my "test" to see if the stroller is appropriate for me) and it was very difficult to fold up.  I decided this was not the stroller for me and went to unfold it to put it back on display and it was stuck.  Really stuck.  So Ben tried to open the stroller.  Still, really stuck.  (this is when the system overload went into meltdown phase)  After 5 minutes of not being able to open the stroller, I had to go to the front of the store and ask the high school girl working there if she could help me and my husband open a stroller (yeah, we are smart, thanks graduate school).  In about 0.23 seconds she opened the stroller and showed us the "lock" that is on the side for when you close the stroller up.  Awesome!  But still to heavy and too hard to open/close.  After that fiasco we moved onto bath time stuff.  I am going to wait a few days, weeks, months before I attempt to register for a travel system/stroller/car seat combo ever again.

Ben and I have a list of all the things we need to register for (the store gave it to us).  As we made our way around babies r us we realized very quickly that most items are gender specific.  So, my big question was- what do people do that are not finding out the gender of the baby? 
I found this great diaper pale/diaper genie thing but the handles were either blue or pink.  Register later.
I found the greatest receiving blankets but they were either blue or pink.  Register later.
High chairs- blue or pink.  Register later.
The pack and play that I want- either blue or pink.  Register later.
Etc, etc.

I had no idea how many items are gender specific.  So, while we did get overwhelmed, we did accomplish a lot (I think), and we still have a lot of items to add (gender specific).  Anyways, this mom-to-be enjoyed the trip because it became slightly more "real" to me that yes, in fact, we are going to have a baby.

Friday, August 12, 2011

14 weeks

I'm 14 weeks!
The baby is a size of a lemon.
He or she is 3.4 inches and 1.5 ounces

This week the baby will start to suck his/her thumb and wiggle his/her toes.

Interesting fact about me this week: I am craving corn flakes. 
I have been eating 2 bowls for breakfast and dinner.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baby stuff

I have been looking at baby stuff online as we prepare to start our registry.  Thankfully I have a few friends that have had children in the last few years and have updated me on all the things I "need" to have and all the things that are nice to have.

These are a few of the things I have found online that I like.  I have been using the babiesrus website and the parental ratings to find the products I think will work best.

Any suggestions or comments?  I still am looking at a ton of options, but these are my favorite so far.

Graco Pack 'n Play Portable Playard with Newborn Napper Station - Laguna Bay

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ben is 30!

Ben turned 30 on Friday and we had a party for two on Friday night with presents, dinner, and a movie (Cowboys and Aliens is really good).  Saturday we had dinner with some friends at King Street Blues where Ben ate a ton of ribs and then everyone came back to our house for drinks and cake.  I took a few pictures of Ben on his 30th birthday...

Every year I do a "theme" for Ben's birthday. 
This year it was 30 for 30.  He got 30 presents for turning 30. 

Omaha Steaks from my mom, brother, and sister

Ben's favorite gift (a chin-up bar)
He immediately put it together

And then tested it out.

Thanks to all our friends that helped make Ben's birthday wonderful!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

13 weeks

I'm 13 weeks!

The baby is the size of a peach

                                    He or she is about 2.9 inches long and weighs about .81 ounces
                                                                 Total weight gain: 5 lbs