Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Aluminum or Tin?

So a little back story... I had been googling arts and crafts projects for 2-year-olds when I came across a cute project (that did not involve paint) that Elizabeth could easily work on by herself. 

Since I am stuck in bed, I was trying to come up with something easy she could do and give Ben a little break.  I came across a "reflective art project" and I thought it looked easy enough.

The activity involved cardboard, a reflective surface, tissue paper, and a glue stick.

The activity is called "Aluminum Foil Craft" but then describes you making a tin foil collage.

I thought nothing of this until last night when I asked Ben if he would cover the piece of cardboard in tin foil.  I then said, "the aluminum paper is in the drawer".  Anyone catch the problem here?...

Well, my husband did :)

How can Elizabeth complete a tin foil project if I ask for aluminum paper?

Does anyone else do this?  I use the words interchangeably even though they are two completely different elements.  I had never thought about it before.

So anyway- last night Ben covered a piece of cardboard in aluminum foil and I cut up some strips of tissue paper for Elizabeth.  This morning she used her glue stick and got to work making her "reflective art project".

 The art project materials

 She got right to work

 (notice the pink camera, it's new and goes everywhere)

 We have to stop and take pictures of the progress

 She was concentrating the entire time

The camera is a recommendation from our neighbor Jhena.  
Her daughter has one and Elizabeth became obsessed with it the other day.
So... Ben was nice enough to pick one up for Elizabeth on Monday (at Target) 
and it been by her side every moment since then.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I'm so Fancy

Elizabeth has been very into dance parties lately.

We recorded her last week dancing and singing to her favorite song, I'm so Fancy by Iggy Azalea.

Your welcome.

Monday, August 25, 2014


So... When I woke up this morning I had a sharp pain under my sternum.  It hurt really bad and did not go away.  After waiting 30 minutes to see if it would go away (I think it might be muscular) I called the doctor.

While on the phone with the nurse, I sent Ben a text to let him know what was going on (he had been at work about 15 minutes after commuting for an hour).

After talking to the nurse I learned they wanted me to come in and scheduled an appointment for 10:20am.  So...poor Ben got back in his car and drove over an hour back to our house.

Ben and Elizabeth drove me to the doctor where I spent two hours getting fetal monitoring, ultrasounds, blood draws, and for good measure- my temperature taken.

At the end of all this- the baby looks good (super cute nose, I think), and all other pregnancy stuff looks good (uterus, etc).  But they don't know what is causing the sharp pain (that is still there).

So...I have been told to rest, stay in bed, lay on my side, and not chase after my 2-year-old for the rest of the week.

So...I've been in bed for the past three hours and I'm already super bored.

My view for the day

By my bedside:
Fan, ice water with lemon
For entertainment: Sudoku and my kindle

Happy Monday y'all!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

34 weeks

I am 34 weeks (and 3 days) pregnant!

Here is my link to my 34 weeks post with Elizabeth 
(I wore the same shirt so I could compare how I looked)

How far along: 34 weeks

Gender: We are having a girl!!!
Size of baby: Baby sister is the size of a cantaloupe (I think more like a volleyball).  
She is about 18 inches long and weighs about 5 pounds.
Total weight gain/loss: Weight gain is 29 pounds

Maternity Clothes: I wear mostly maternity clothes now.  I have two pairs of athletic shorts that still fit and my t-shirts still fit.  I wear Motherhood Maternity shorts and Ann Taylor Loft Maternity shirts.

Movement: Baby sister kicks and punches A LOT!  She does not like it when I lay on my left side, she kicks and kicks until I roll over.  I feel her a lot throughout the day and she is big enough for Elizabeth and Ben to see and feel her kick too.

Sleep: Sleep has gotten a lot better.  I can sleep 5 hours at a time.

Cravings: Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.

Symptoms: Swelling in my hands.  And I feel pretty heavy by the end of the day.  I worked out twice this week and I definitely felt worn out the next day.  I am mostly walking and lifting, no more running for me.

Best moments of the week:  Baby sister's name painting arrived this week.  Ben and I love it!  We can't wait to hang it up in her room.  We also have the surgery date set, so we know exactly when she will be here (unless she arrives early)

Time left: Five weeks

                                  34 weeks with Elizabeth                34 weeks with baby sister

Happy Saturday!

Friday, August 22, 2014

What we've been up to

The last two days have been super busy around here. 

Thursday morning, we headed out around 10 and went to the covered playground at Lee District Park.  Vicki introduced me to the covered playground a few weeks ago and I love it!  There are benches and it is all in the shade.

Elizabeth played and played (and played) about an hour.

She also spent a lot of time going up this one slide.  I don't usually let her climb up slides, but there were not any other kids on this particular playground set, so... I did let her crawl up it a few times.

After playing at the playground, we headed over to Target.  Elizabeth had been asking me for two days if she could get her toes painted.  She told me she wanted them painted blue.  Ben and I talked about it and agreed we could try some kid-friendly nail polish on her toes.

However, once we got to target- Elizabeth wanted to paint her toes green.  Luckily for all of us I found a pack that had several colors in it:

Unfortunately for us, Elizabeth did not enjoy getting half of one toe painted and jumped up before I could paint anything else.  Fortunately for us, she did not get it on any carpet or furniture. 

She had me remove the offending green stripe from her big toe and has refused to let me paint her toes ever since.

Today we have been all over the place.

I had my 34 week OB appointment, Ben had a dentist appointment, we went to the neighborhood playground, and the mall for a pretzel and some indoor playground time while it rained.

We were the only people at the indoor playground today and she loved running all around.  

 She has loved playing in this log since before she could walk

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Birds, Ducks, and Pizza!

This morning we headed over to Waterfront Park in Old Town so we could feed the birds and ducks.  After running around the park, we headed over to the dock area to feed all of the animals.  It was a really nice, cool morning and a few other kids were doing the same thing. 

 She started off by trying to feed the birds walking on the deck.
She would walk after them with a piece of bread, saying "here birds, come eat birds"

 She chased the birds for awhile...

 She even tried sitting down and giving them bread

 She is trying to sneak up on him (I think)

 I finally convinced her to feed the ducks

They happily took her bread

 After Old Town, we drove into DC and went to Mellow Mushroom for lunch.
Today is their 40th anniversary and you can get a small pizza for $2.50 and cokes for 30 cents.

 Elizabeth LOVED her cheese pizza!

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!