Monday, April 29, 2013

Did you stay off the scale?

Did you stay OFF THE SCALE?


I tried.
I was tempted.
But... I have made it all month!
I stayed OFF THE SCALE!!!
(yes, I know I have one more day left in the month)

But, I am no longer tied to my scale.

It was really hard to first week.  
And even this past week, I became curious about what my current weight is.  
But I do know this: I am wearing size 6 pants and shorts and size small shirts.
And that folks, is all I really need to know.

Did you stay off the scale all month?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jessica's Bridal Shower

My cousin Jessica had a bridal shower today.  Her wonderful friend, Kristen, threw a beautiful party with great food, fun games, cake, and a lot of good times.

 This is one of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen!
(And it tastes even better)

 Some of the fabulous food

 Some drinks and more wonderful food

 The beautiful bride, Jessica!

 These plates are so cute!!!

Gotta have another picture of that cake!

After the wonderful food and some fun games, we enjoyed the cake.
It was amazing!

 Jessica cutting the first slice.

She did a great job!

After cake, Jessica opened some presents.  She got a ton of gorgeous stuff for her and Noah's kitchen.

Beautiful basket full of goodies.

  Love this fabulous apron
(I may have to borrow it)

 A mixer

Cutting board, towels, and chip clips

A hand mixer
(I'm coming over for milk shakes)

A beautiful cake plate.

Jessica, I hope you had a wonderful time. It was a beautiful/fun/wonderful shower. 
 I had so much fun and enjoyed meeting all of your friends. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

5K Friday

I enjoyed the race so much last Friday that I decided to do it again this week.

I encouraged my students to participate this week (they could earn extra credit) and I ran into two of my students before the race and I heard about two others coming as well.  I am so proud of them for trying something new and participating.

Ben, Elizabeth, and I up to Crystal City about 40 minutes before the race.  I signed up and got a new race bib, and then got nervous/excited to be running again.  I kissed Ben and Elizabeth goodbye and grabbed a spot in the group of runners.

Ben got some excellent photos!

Before the race.

 Runners take your mark.  Get set.  Go!!!

 Here I come.
(In the white shirt)

There I the finish!
(In the white shirt, on the right)


 Ben got me the race t-shirt!

 Our family

I need some water :)


I finished in 31:42, which is a 10:13 mile!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thirsty Thursday

This week's Thirsty Thursday came from the good ol' internet.

Today's Thirsty Thursday is called...

 Bon Voyage

You will need:
Jack Daniels
Orange Juice
Pineapple Juice

 1 ounce Jack Daniels

 1 ounce Tequila

1/2 ounce Amaretto

 Equal parts Orange Juice and Pineapple Juice


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Super Triples at Harris Teeter!

Super Triples started today at Harris Teeter.  Super Triples is when the store triples the value of any coupon that is 99cents or less.  I had been waiting for Super Doubles and stocking up on my large value coupons, so imagine my surprise when triples came around and I needed low value coupons.

I went today after work to pick up a few things.  I was really worried that everything I wanted would be gone, but I was in luck today.  I really wanted some yogurt and napkins that were a good price.  I got those and so much more!

Everything I got:

And... the breakdown-

Today I bought:

(2) gallons of milk
(26) Yoplait yogurts
(2) bags of frozen Minute Rice steamers
(1) bag of frozen Birds Eye Chef Favorite vegetable
(1) package of Johnsonville Breakfast sausage
(2) boxes of taco shells
(3) Boxes of Success rice
(1) bag of salad
(3) containers of French's crispy onions
(1) package of napkins
(2) bottles of Tabasco sauce
(1) bottle of Morton's seasoning salt
(1) bottle of French's mustard
(2) boxes of Texas Toast 

I had coupons for everything I bought (including the milk and salad)

Original total: $89.16

Total spent: $29.44

Friday, April 19, 2013

5K Friday

Tonight my friends and I participated in our local 5K Friday. 

Pre-race photo
I arranged a girl's night that involved the 5K and then dinner afterwards. 
I have been wanting to run in the Crystal City 5K for the last few years and I thought it would make an interesting/fun/different girl's night.
The women I ran with tonight kept me excited, motivated, and pumped up throughout the entire evening.  We all started together and finished at different times but cheered each other on and the excitement was contagious. 
All of us have different levels of experience and it was fun to talk about the races we had all done previously and the races we plan on running in the future.
Ben and Elizabeth came to cheer my on.  I was so happy to have my family there for the race and be able to see me participate.  Thank you Ben and Elizabeth!!!
Post-race with Elizabeth.

Our group of runners:
Jhena, Kyla, Debbie, Me, Shelley, and Cathy
Thank you ladies for a wonderful evening.  I have been motivated by all of you to continue racing and to improve my time each race.  Thank you for being so uplifting!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fourteen Months

Dear Elizabeth,

You are 14 months old today!

You are 14 months old today!  This month we have been busy and you have been very busy changing and growing.

The last two weeks we have had beautiful weather and we have been playing outside almost everyday after we get home.  We have gone for some walks in the neighborhood and you have really enjoyed them.

You are wearing size 3 diapers, 18 month clothes, and size 4 shoes.  You are eating three meals a day and one snack a day.  You drink milk from a cup with a straw.  You still drink lots of milk (about 24-30 ounces a day) and we have started giving it to you after you eat your food.  You still love to eat, especially corn, carrots, and cheese.  When we get home in the afternoon you have been getting a cup of watered down juice to help keep you hydrated.  You have started sweating a lot and we want to make sure you have enough liquids.
You have started talking a lot more.  Your favorite word is "Hi!"
You also say, "Mama" and "Dada" .  Red, ball, car, and bye-bye.

We are guessing you weigh close to 20 pounds and that you are almost 30 inches tall.  You are still cruising and crawling and you will walk 5-6 steps by yourself and then you sit down and crawl.
You also got two new teeth this month.  You now have 8 teeth total!
In the past month we have celebrated Easter, you enjoyed your first Easter brunch and Easter Egg Hunt.  You also had your Nana and Pap Pap come visit for a weekend.  Your kitchen got new counter tops (granite!).  And... last weekend we went to Great Falls Park and played, and played, and played.
Here are some pictures of your adventures for the last month:
Playing with Dad.


You have discovered that you can fit in your toy box.

Trying to get a picture with Mommy.

Looking through her Easter basket.

She found some Easter Eggs!
Playing around the house.


Love some corn!

Cheese, yummy!

Playing at Great Falls Park

I love this outfit!

Corn and cheese!
We love you so much Elizabeth and we are so proud of you.
Mom & Dad