Friday, April 28, 2017

Daddy-Daughter Night at Chick-Fil-A

On Monday night, our local Chick-Fil-A hosted a Daddy-Daughter night.  

Chick-Fil-A said the daughters could come dressed as princesses and they would have a chance to meet a real princess too!  

Ben was stuck in traffic, so I took the girls inside to get a few pictures.  Ben showed up in time to order dinner and I went home and cleaned the house. :)

 Elizabeth was so excited to see a Princess Cow!
She couldn't wait to get a picture.
Caroline wouldn't go near the cows. :)

 She wanted me to take a 1000 pictures. :)

 Meeting Beauty!


 The girls talked to her for five minutes and they were so excited to meet a "real princess".

 Bent took these pictures of him and our princesses

 I love the photobomb!

 And I love those silly girls :)

 Happy Friday y'all!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Spring Break through the South: Part Five (the final chapter)

Our last day of vacation was Easter Sunday and we had a blast from the moment the girls woke up to discover the Easter Bunny does visit hotel rooms to the final bag being stuffed into the car Sunday night.  Here is a look at the last part of our trip:

*Side note- Ben went to the Easter vigil on Saturday so I set-up the Easter baskets and all the eggs.  Do you know how hard it is to place Easter eggs around a hotel room that kids are sleeping in???  I do, and you know what, my knees and ankles crack and pop A LOT. :)

The girls woke up and came into our room to tell us it was Easter.  They asked if the Easter bunny had come to visit us and I said I wasn't sure. :)

We all went back into the living room and turned on the lights and found our Easter baskets.  The girls loved seeing all their goodies!

 Caroline's basket.
A few books, chalk, bubbles, my little pony toy, shampoo, M&Ms, Snow White DVD,
Frozen tattoos, and a necklace holder with a new necklace, and a Disney Princess pillow.

 Elizabeth's basket had all the same goodies, but she got a Tangled DVD.

 Ben's basket.
I usually put gum, deodorant, snacks, pens, mini bottles, etc. in our baskets.

My basket.  I always save my spring Clinique gift with purchase for my Easter basket.

Once the girls had emptied their baskets, they started searching for eggs.  I was very creative in "hiding" eggs around our suite and the girls spent a few minutes collecting all the eggs.  I put them by the door, in the kitchen, around their bed, under the dining area, under the desk, and by the windows.

 Caroline's first egg

 I told Elizabeth to only take eggs from her shoes (and I think she listened)

 So many eggs!

 Caroline found eggs in her shoes too!

 Looking for eggs together

 Once they found all the eggs, we sat on their bed and opened all the eggs.
They got M&Ms, quarters, tattoos, stickers, erasers, markers, and some mini-maze games.
These girls were pumped!

 We made it to church and got a few family photos taken :)

 And a picture with Ga Ga!

 After church we headed back to Andy and Lolly's house for brunch.
Everything was soooo good!

Thank you Andy and Lolly for a great Easter brunch!

 The girls ate Easter brunch at the coffee table aka "kids table"
 They also enjoyed a little show so the parents could eat :)

After lunch, I set-up an egg hunt outside in Andy and Lolly's front yard and backyard.  I have so many great memories of doing an egg hunt at Sharon and John's house when I was younger and it's a fun tradition I enjoy continuing for my kids. The girls had a blast searching for eggs together and we gently reminded Elizabeth to search for eggs and not grab the ones in plain sight because they were for the little girls.  Elizabeth is so kind and really enjoys the big sister/big cousin role and loved helping the little girls find eggs.

 Caroline grabbing some right in front

 See her walking past those eggs?  Good girl! :)

 I put them in the bushes to give her a little challenge.

 Annalise started in the backyard and worked her way to the front.

 She was so excited, it was super cute!

 Elizabeth "helping" Caroline and Annalise find more eggs

 Love these girls!!

 Later in the afternoon, the girls played dress-up while Annalise took a nap.

 Then it was water table time!

 Sweet girls...spraying all of us with water :)

We enjoyed leftovers for dinner with Andy, Lolly, and Annalise (my mom left in the afternoon) and then we headed back to our hotel to pack up and prepare for the drive back to Virginia.

 During our drive back on Monday I pulled out the dot sticker books I had made.
Both girls LOVED this!

Caroline had basic shapes and Elizabeth had complicated patterns.

And that's a wrap on our Spring Break through the South.
Thank you for reading all five posts over a nine-day trip.
To put it simply, we had a blast!
We made so many memories, had so many new experiences, and spent time with a lot of people we love (and one puppy we love).

Thank you to Stacy, Paul, Emmie, Ellie, Ruthie, JP, and Franklin for hosting us Sunday afternoon to Thursday morning.
Thank you to Dana, Heath, and Garrett for joining us at the zoo.  Thank you to Jeff for keeping Heath and Garrett so Dana could go out to dinner with me for a nice moms night out.
Thank you to Andy, Lolly, and Annalise for hosting us Thursday afternoon to Sunday night.
Thank you Mom for flying to Georgia to spend time with all of us.
Thank you to Elizabeth and Caroline for going on this great trip.  I love seeing things through your eyes and watch you learn new things and have new experiences.
And thanks to my wonderful husband Ben, without him, none of this would have been possible.   You always support me and I appreciate it more than I will ever be able to express.

Happy Thursday y'all!