Monday, July 31, 2017

Summer Bucket List: Lunch on the National Mall

Last week, the girls and I headed into DC to enjoy lunch on the National Mall, check out the Lincoln Memorial, and see some geese up close!  Caroline and I packed a picnic while Elizabeth was at VBS and we surprised her with the trip when we picked her up. 

 We had a picnic in the shade on the side of the Lincoln Memorial.

 These two are so silly :)

 They are all about "see-food" right now
 After lunch we walked over to the Memorial.
I took this selfie at the bottom of the stairs to the Lincoln Memorial.

 They were ready to tackle the stairs and see all the people!

Inside the Lincoln Memorial

 Elizabeth was excited to take a picture with me

 But not with me and Caroline. 

 Our view from inside the Lincoln

 Love showing these girls the history of our country.

 Caroline was taking these photos :)

 I tried to get a picture of them looking at me, but they were watching a kid slide down the monument.  It was a good lesson in what not to do, but not a great photo ;)

 We walked back to the car and the girls wanted to see the geese and the river

Happy Monday y'all!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Life lately

Life lately has been full of summer fun, swimming, vacation bible school (VBS), grilling out, and playing with friends.

 Last Friday, Ben went to the eye doctor and had his annual eye exam.
They dilated his eyes and sent him home with these fabulous sunglasses.
Elizabeth wore them all night before bed. Ha!
 Saturday morning I came downstairs to find the girls like this on the couch.

 And Sunday morning I came downstairs to find them like this. Ha!

Elizabeth went to VBS this week, so Caroline and I tried to fit in some fun (and errands) while I only had one kid in the mornings. :)

 On Tuesday, Caroline and I went to Flight.
We met up with Charlie, Jack, Theo, and Liz for a Christmas in July morning of jumping.
They had a lady making balloon animals and Caroline picked a crown.

 The kids spent most of their time in the foam pit.

 Caroline trying to climb up so she can slide down.

 Charlie and Jack wanted to play some video games after our jump time.
Fortunately for me, Caroline is happy to just sit at the games without any money. :)

 The theme at VBS is superheros, and she made this cape and mask on Tuesday.

 She's worn the cape all week and wears it all day (I make her take it off for bedtime)

 Tuesday night I made crockpot bbq chicken and served it on sliders.  So good!
I introduced the girls to roasted broccoli (they were not fans).

 Wednesday morning was cool (only 78) so Caroline and I spent over an hour at the playground.
She had a great time but definitely missed her built-in play friend.

 On Thursday, Elizabeth came home from VBS with this shield and bee-attitude hat.

Caroline wanted to be in the picture too :)

Happy Friday y'all!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Just keep swimming

We have done a TON of swimming lately.  

Elizabeth has improved leaps and bounds since Memorial Day and Caroline is happy to follow her sister all over the pool.

Last week we hit up the pool three times and we were the only people there.  It has been nice to have the entire pool to help Elizabeth practice swimming and for Caroline to get comfortable swimming and jumping.

Monday morning, just got in and already having fun :)

 Relaxing for a bit 

Wednesday morning, my little fish

 She loves swimming on her back as well

 Friday morning, water guns for everyone!

 Snack time with my wild girls

 Selfies with my big girl

So silly!

 Later in the morning, Kellan and Ellis joined us at the pool.
The kids spent hours jumping in the deep end.

 They did all their jumps oldest to youngest... so cute!

And swimming to the ladder, oldest to youngest

Happy Thursday y'all!