Saturday, January 31, 2015

Friday Finals... on Saturday!

Yesterday evening I decided to give driving a try and I was able to drive without much pain.  I have to take my walking boot off to drive and last time I tried, I could not extend my foot enough to push on the pedal.

Since I was free to drive (Ben was home with the girls) I headed over to BJs for diapers and formula and then over to Harris Teeter for milk and some coupon shopping.  Below is what I got at Harris Teeter and I am linking up with Southern Savers

What I got:

(3) cases of diet coke
(1) case of sprite
(1) case of coke zero
(3) boxes of Wheaties
(2) boxes of Cheerios
(2) boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch
(1) gallon of milk
(1) box of mozzarella sticks
(2) bags shredded cheese
(4) packages of taco seasoning
(1) package of cream cheese
(2) bags of frozen meatballs
(1) box of squeezies
(4) packages of baby food
(1) block of store brand velvetta cheese
(1) bag of tositos chips

Original total: $112.65

Total spent: $45.96

Total saved: $66.69 or 59%

How did I do it?

The sodas were buy 2, get 3 free.  I also a $3 off coupon for one 12-pack.  So I paid $11 for (5) 12-packs.

All of the cereal was buy one, get one free.  That rings up half price at Harris Teeter.  I had coupons for each box.  The Wheaties were 39 cents/ box.  The Cherrios were 59 cents/box.  The Cinnamon Toast Crunch was $1/box.

The milk was regular price- $3.25

The mozzarella sticks were regular price- $6.89, but I did have $1.25 off coupon and Ben wants them for the Super Bowl.

The shredded cheese was buy 1, get 1 free.

The taco seasoning was buy 1, get 1 free.  I had $1 off (4) coupon.  So I paid 70 cents for the (4) bags

The cream cheese was an evic special of $1.47.  I had $1 off so it made it 47 cents.

The meatballs were 2/$5.  I had (2) $1 off coupons, so it made them 2/$3

The baby food was 4/$5.  They are normally $1.59 each.

The store brand velevetta was $2.50 less than velvetta so I bought it.  We are making dip for the super bowl with it.

The tostitos were buy 1, get 1 free.  So about $2.50.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Favorites

We have been home all week (I still can't drive) and we have been enjoying playing with toys, toys, and more toys all day long.  Elizabeth ventured out into the snow on Tuesday and the rest of the week has been spent inside where we are nice and warm!  I love my two little girls and I am enjoying every minute at home with them.

These are some of my favorite pictures from the week:

 Caroline turned 4 months old on Monday,
Elizabeth wanted to be in the picture too

 This little girl started rolling on Monday and hasn't stopped since.
Every time I go into her room, she is on her stomach (I hate it!)

 Tuesday, Elizabeth made snow angels in the morning

 And Tuesday night made snow balls with Dad

 I made white rose arrangements for Caroline's baptism luncheon.
These are the flowers on Wednesday.
I really like this picture.  :)

Thursday, the girls made a get better sign for Pap Pap.
I love her smile!

 Thursday night- our Thirsty Thursday

Friday morning, Elizabeth making a block tower.
This girl loves blocks!

Hope you had a great week!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Day!

We were super excited to wake up to snow this morning!  We (me) had been hoping for a lot of snow, and we were granted about 1.5 inches of snow.

Elizabeth admired the snow all morning and I told her she could go out once Caroline went down for her morning nap.

 Watching Dad shovel snow

 Ben shoveling snow and then cleaning off the car

 Then I let Elizabeth go out on the deck

 Checking out her water table that is frozen over

 I gave her a big wooden spoon to play with

 And of course she wanted to make snow angels

 And more snow angels

 When Ben was done with work, he took Elizabeth back outside on the deck

 He showed her how to make snow balls

 She LOVED it!

More snow balls

 We hope you had a great Tuesday!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Four Months Old

Dear Caroline,

You are four months old today!

Our sweet baby girl, you are not a newborn anymore.  You have definitely become a baby with a bubbly, happy personality.  You love to laugh, smile, and talk to us all day.  You are so happy all the time and you love to kick and smile and play on your tummy time mat.  If we let you, you will play for a solid hour on your tummy time mat.

You adore your sister and light up when she is around.  Your favorite game is when Elizabeth lies down next to you on the tummy time mat and helps you grab your toys and the two of you play together.  You are always watching Elizabeth and you try to talk to her whenever she is around.

Dad took you to the doctor today for your four-month visit and brought home a great report!  You currently weigh 14 pounds and 14 ounces and you are 25 inches long.  You got four vaccines today and did not enjoy any of them.  Your doctor said it was okay to start you on baby food if we want to, so you will probably get some peas or green beans in the next few days.

You are wearing 6 month clothes and some 6-9 month clothes.  You wear a size 2 diaper, but I am not sure how much longer that will last.  You take two naps a day, usually 9-11am and then again 1-4pm.  You go to sleep around 6pm and usually wake up around 7am. 

This morning, when your dad went to get you up, you had rolled over onto your stomach.  And later in the morning you rolled onto your stomach and then rolled back onto your back.  Yikes!  I am not ready for you to be rolling back and forth.

You love to suck on your hand or your fingers.  This helps you go to sleep or calm down if you are upset.  You are drooling A LOT, so we think you might be teething (or just drooling because your fingers are in your mouth all. the. time.).

This month we have been mostly at home since I cannot walk around.  You did celebrate your first New Years and played at Kelly and Jared's house until you went to sleep around 6:30pm.  You loved watching the big kids play and then you very happily went sound to sleep.

You were baptized yesterday and we had a party in your honor (that you slept through), but you were awake in church and did a great job getting baptized.

You did meet lots of new people this month: Jared, Kelly, Kylie, Scot, Nick, Christina, Nico, Uncle Andy, Aunt Lolly, Stacy, Laura, Alice, Evie, Cathy, Darren, Matt, Claire, Jim, Anuja, and Samara.

 You with Kelly on New Years Eve
You went to bed about 35 seconds after this picture was taken.

In the middle of January, Samara came over for a play date.
You went to bed about 30 minutes after she got here.
Are we seeing a trend?  :)

 Playing with Dad and Elizabeth

 Selfie with Mom

 Playing with your turtle

 Sitting with Elizabeth

 You love those fingers

Sitting up like a big girl

 Earlier this week 

You are so beautiful!

 Playing with Elizabeth

Having a bottle with Stacy

Visiting with Ga-Ga

Playing on the tummy time mat

Meeting Uncle Andy and Aunt Lolly

Hanging with Uncle Adam


One last picture before Aunt Stacy went back to South Carolina.

 Your sister wanted to be in the picture too

 Elizabeth on the left, Caroline on the right

We love you so much our sweet girl.  You are such a blessing to us and we are honored to call you our daughter.  We are proud of you and love you very much.  


Mom and Dad