Friday, April 29, 2016

National Park Week: Air Force Memorial

Every time we drive into Arlington or into DC, Elizabeth always asks about the Air Force Memorial.  We have never been to the Air Force Memorial, so I made it our last park on our tour for National Park week.

It was a cloudy, windy day, but we had a great time visiting the memorial, learning a few things, and speaking with an Air Force veteran that had stopped to visit the memorial.

 So after visiting the Air Force Memorial, I stopped by their website to learn about the spires.
You should all take a minute to read, I found it very fascinating. 

 The Memorial was opened in 2006, only ten years ago. 
 I can hardly believe how "young" it is compared to other memorials around here.

 The girls loved the view and enjoyed the large, open space.

 Elizabeth had the biggest smile the entire time we were there.
She was thrilled we came to visit "her favorite memorial".

View from our car.

We went early on a Friday morning and it wasn't crowded.
There is free parking, about 50 spots, and we didn't have any problems parking.
The memorial is beautiful and there is a lot of information on the walls that includes the history of the Air Force and special awards that have been given to a select few.
We really enjoyed our visit and I know we will be going back.

Happy Friday y'all!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

National Park Week: Clemyjontri Park

Last Thursday I took the girls to Clemyjontri Park to continue our fun tour of parks for National Park Week!  I had never been to Clemyjontri, but Elizabeth and Ben had been there before.  Ben had warned me it was big, but I had no idea how large it really was (we didn't even play on half the playground).  We had a great time at the playground and the girls played for about 90 minutes.  We will definitely be going back here.
 Yes, I know Elizabeth is in shorts and a t-shirt and Caroline is in pants and a jacket.
Yes, immediately after this picture Elizabeth asked to put on her jacket.
Yes, it was not nearly as warm as I thought it would be. :)

 Elizabeth loved balancing on everything :)

 Caroline loved the musical instruments.

 Alternating pilots :)

 This gives me chills for the future

She loved the motorcycle!

Happy Thursday y'all!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Liz's Baby Shower!

Last weekend, my girlfriends and I got together to celebrate Liz and her new baby boy that is on the way!  We are all so excited to meet this sweet baby boy at the end of June and wanted him to be welcomed with lots of diapers and new clothes.

I took several pre-party photos and photos of Liz opening gifts, but completely forgot to take any group photos.  Whoops. :)

We had a green and white themed shower with a delicious brunch and mimosas and fakemosas :)


 Little goodies for Baby Rogers.
Each bucket was a different theme:
Meal time, quiet time, clean-up time, and bath time

 Favors and dessert

 Green candy for the party

Brunch.  Everything was so good!  :)

 The best part... present time!

 So many cute clothes!

And diapers and wipes :)

Congratulation Liz, we are so happy for you!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Nineteen Months Old!

Dear Caroline,

You are nineteen months old!

You have had a very busy month! 
You are wearing a size 2T clothes and size 4 shoe.  You love to wear hair ties and ask me to put your hair up everyday.  You eat three regular meals a day and usually one or two snacks.  You take one nap a day, usually 2-3 hours.   You weigh between 25-26 pounds and you are 31 inches tall.

You started your 19th month by celebrating Easter with friends and family.  The Easter Bunny left a lot of goodies in your Easter basket and a lot of Easter eggs.  You kinda got the hang of picking up Easter eggs, but really enjoyed playing with your Easter basket goodies instead.

The day after Easter, you got the stomach flu (and gave it to the rest of us).  We spent most of the week at home, in pajamas, playing inside, and not eating a lot.

The week after the stomach flu, we all felt a lot better (and a bit lighter).  Our friends Jared, Kelly, and Kylie came for a weekend visit the next week.  You enjoyed following the big girls and playing with Elizabeth and Kylie all weekend.

A few days after Jared, Kelly, and Kylie visited we discovered we had termites.  You and your sister had to stay out of the living room for a week and we got very creative with ways to entertain (and feed y'all).  We ate a picnic snacks in your room, most of our meals on the deck, and we played a lot outside.

Last week, was national park week.  You, your sister, and I visited several parks (one a day) and you had a ton of fun enjoying all the new parks and playgrounds. 

Below are a ton of pictures of all your fun in the past month:

We love you!


Mom and Dad