Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Favorites: Beach life

A few weeks ago, I surprised the girls with a trip to the beach.

They came downstairs, had breakfast, and then I said, "okay, let's head to the beach!"

They were so excited and asked every three minutes if we were there yet. Ha!

We drove out to Chesapeake and had the most wonderful and relaxing day on the beach and in the water.  It was a nice change from going to the pool and we had the best day!

Here's a little look at our beach life for the day:

 I brought an umbrella and beach chair, towels, blankets, toys, snacks, a picnic lunch, sunscreen, and anything else I thought we might need.
I'm pretty sure we used everything I brought.  Ha! :)

 I let them dip their toes in for a bit.

 Beach selfie :)

 They built sand castles, knocked them over, and then built more for about an hour.

 So relaxing :)

 When they wanted to get in the water, I made them both wear puddle jumpers.

 They swam and played and had the best time.

 After lunch they played with another little girl for about two hours.
I chatted with the parents and we had a great afternoon on the beach.

Our ride home was very quiet. 

Happy Friday y'all!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The "weekend" Ga Ga came for a visit

A couple of weeks ago my mom came for a long weekend (Wednesday-Monday) to spend a little vacation time with us AND to watch the girls while we went out-of-town to Ben's cousin's wedding.

We had a great time with Ga Ga and she got to experience "real life" with two little girls running around to the pool, tee-ball, and birthday parties.

 After Ga Ga landed on Wednesday we headed back to the house for lunch.
Caroline loved sitting with Ga Ga.

 And then in the afternoon we headed to the pool.
I enjoyed sitting poolside while my mom was swimming with the girls.

 Wednesday night ring pop treats from Ga Ga.

 Thursday morning we headed into the city to visit the Botanical Gardens!
 The children's garden just reopened and the girls LOVED it!

 They spent about 45 minutes water plants, sweeping dirt, and digging in the soil.

After our visit, we enjoyed a picnic in the outdoor garden

 Thursday night, Ben and I enjoyed a date night to see Wonder Woman.

 Ever try taking a selfie in a dark theater?

 Friday morning, Ben and I had a second date!
We were going to play nine holes but it was supposed to rain so we headed to top golf.

The weather was perfect!
I enjoyed to doughnut holes and mimosas while playing golf :)

 My mom gave Caroline this Elsa dress.
She wears it all day, every day.

 Friday night was Elizabeth's last tee-ball practice.
The coach gave out trophy's after the practice.

 She was over the moon excited for her first trophy!
(She carries it all over the house)

 Since Elizabeth received her trophy, I made chocolate pie for dessert.
We introduced Ga Ga to our deck dinners and she thoroughly enjoyed it!

 Friday night we played some Hand and Foot.

 Saturday morning, Ben and I headed to Pennsylvania for Sarah and Tom's wedding.
We stopped for a Dole Whip and I enjoyed every bite!

 On our way to the wedding!

 Waiting for the wedding to start

 It was a beautiful day for a wedding!

 First dance!
 At the reception :)

 Going to get a cocktail (Ben started taking pictures)

 Our table :)

 Ben taking more pictures of me :)

  The 18th hole was next to the reception

  Dance floor fun!

 A quick picture with Tom and Sarah!
Congratulations!!  We are so happy for both of you!

 Sunday morning we drove back in time to celebrate Father's Day in the afternoon

 The girls (and Ga Ga) made this for Ben while we were gone

 They loved helping him open presents and read his cards

 Monday morning we headed to Chuck E. Cheese for some fun out of the sun and a little lunch.

Monday night, Ga Ga headed back to Texas.

And that's our six-day-weekend.

Thank you to Ga Ga for coming for a visit, babysitting multiple times, and having fun with us.

Congratulations to Sarah and Tom on your wedding!!  It was beautiful and fun and we are so happy we could be there to celebrate with you!

And Happy Father's Day to Ben!  You are the best Dad to our girls and the world's best husband to me.  We are so thankful to have you in our lives!

Happy Thursday y'all!