Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday y'all!  This week has been a little off to me all week since we celebrated Caroline's birthday on Monday.  I feel like I've been a day behind all week...

We are so excited that Adam, Brigette, and Sam are coming for a visit this weekend!  We haven't seen them in several months and the girls are so excited to play with their cousin! :)

Here are some favorites from our week-

1. All the taco memes.  I have been craving tacos all week, even after having them on Tuesday.  I feel like I could eat tacos all the time and be happy. :) 

 This meme is nothing but the #truth.
If I could eat tacos and skip the gym, I totally would :)

 And everyone loves Liam Neeson

 Always.  But gotta hit the gym to eat those tacos :)

I wish!

2. Caroline turning two has been a bittersweet favorite this week.  I love celebrating birthdays, but I cannot believe my BABY IS TWO!  We celebrated Saturday, Sunday, and Monday for our baby girl.

 Cucpakes during the birthday party on Saturday

 Cake at Sunday brunch

Birthday cake Monday night after dinner

3. The fall weather is finally here!  I am ready for the slightly cooler temperatures (hello 70s) and watching football, eating chili, going to the pumpkin patch, and celebrating Halloween!  I love dressing the girls up throughout the month to celebrate Halloween.  I grabbed a couple of cute shirts for this year-
 I got the girls this shirt to wear during the month of October

And... this shirt to enjoy during October!
I do love Halloween shirts on kids :)

Happy Friday y'all!

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Life Lately

We have had a full week of zoo fun, birthday celebrating, school, rain, and going to the gym.  I am really ready for Friday because WE GET OUR NEW CARPET!!!  All the jazz hands! :)

Last Wednesday we headed to the zoo for a morning and afternoon of fun in the not to hot sun. :)  We saw a lot of animals, enjoyed lunch, and walked half the zoo.  It was a great day with my girls and I look forward to going back in the fall.

 This zebra was our first animal of the day!

 The girls loved the real otters and enjoyed posing on this sculpture.

 We saw all the pandas!

 And all the elephants.
Elephants are Caroline's favorite and we spent awhile watching them.

We went inside the bird house and enjoyed seeing A LOT of birds.

We walked in just as the bird handler was feeding the birds.
She brought over this beautiful macaw and we learned it is 30 -years-old.
We went to the panda exhibit and saw all of the pandas!
The baby was up in a tree eating bamboo, the other three were sleeping.

They really liked this sculpture :)

Dinner with my girls while Ben was out-of-town

Sister snuggles

First day of fall, I took a picture of the temperature.  88 degrees!

Obviously Elizabeth took this picture at Chuck E Cheese.
I immediately thought of the image below :)
Doesn't Elizabeth look just like Leslie Knope?

Monday night leaving Chick-Fil-A after Caroline's birthday dinner

Caroline blowing out her birthday candles Mondayn ight
So cute!!!

After cake, it was time to climb on Dad :)

Tuesday afternoon, Elizabeth wanted to race cars

And Caroline wanted to chalk

We headed over to the playground for a bit before dinner

We went to Moe's on Tuesday night because Kids Eat Free and Ben works late :)
Caroline LOVES pico de gallo and will skip the chips and eat it with her fingers 

Elizabeth prefers her chicken on the side of her quesdilla

Moe's for the win!

Happy Thursday y'all!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

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Monday we had Chick-Fil-A for Caroline's birthday dinner.  Tuesday, Ben worked late so I took the girls to Moe's for Kids Eat Free night.  Tonight we are having pasta and meatballs with salad and bread.  Thursday we are doing breakfast for dinner and Friday we will probably have pizza.


Since our baby just turned two on Monday, I have been reminiscing about her being an actual baby.  I was looking over pictures and I remember all these things, but I don't really remember them because I am so used to how Caroline is now.  Does that make sense?  Like I remember she was a baby, but I'm so used to her walking and talking that I forget she was a baby. :)


I'm loving that Ben is back from California!  It was hard last week while he was gone and I missed him A LOT.  We are all home for the next few weeks, so I am loving a break in the traveling schedule.  :)


Celebrating this sweet girl turning two!  I still cannot believe she is two-years-old!  Happy birthday to our sweet baby girl!


I'm having a procedure next Friday that I am not looking forward to at all.  Just thinking about it makes my anxiety rise, so I am trying to stay active and busy over the next 10 days so I don't think about it to much.


We are planning on rearranging several rooms in our house in the upcoming month.  We want to put the girls in the same room, so we can turn the other bedroom into an office/guest room, and then make the basement a playroom.  I have been pinning all these ideas for a fabulous playroom and I cant narrow down what I want to do.

Here are some ideas...


NEW CARPET!!!  We are getting new carpet in our house on Friday!  I can hardly wait and I am so excited!  We have the same carpet throughout the entire house and I absolutely cannot wait to see it all ripped out and our new carpet installed!  Yahoo! :) :)


I am excited that almost all of our regular shows are back!  We are trying out a few new shows this fall and so far I really like them.  This past week we watched Gotham and NCIS.  We added Notorious and Designated Survivor to our lineup.  I highly recommend both and I hope the writing continues to be as good as the pilot episodes.


Well, I can't find my i-pod.  I think Caroline threw it away (in the toilet), so I have not listened to a whole late lately.  We usually just turn on the Top 40 radio station when we are in the car and listen to whatever is playing.  I am hoping my i-pod turns up, otherwise maybe I'll get a new one for my birthday.  :) *hint hint family*


My sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and nephew are coming for a visit!  We are so excited!!  We haven't seen our nephew since July and we are all excited (especially the girls) to spend time with him and see how much he has grown!  :)


Decorating for fall!  I haven't done so because of the new carpet coming.  I am excited to pull out all of our fall decorations and get ready for Halloween.  The girls dressing up is my favorite!

Happy Wednesday y'all!