Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Going to see the Easter Bunny

I took the girls on Good Friday to see the Easter Bunny and get their picture taken.  The online schedule stated the pictures started at 10am, but once we arrived at the mall at 10:30am we discovered they actually started at 11am.  So, we had 25 minutes to kill (no problem standing in line with two young children, ha!).

 Hi Mom.  Where is the bunny?

 Hiiiii Mom.  Where IS the bunny?

 Does this Easter Bunny picture set-up look a little something to anyone else?

After waiting our 25 minutes, the Easter Bunny finally came out at 11am.  

We tried to walk over to see him- Caroline was waving and smiling, Elizabeth was screaming and crying.  Once Caroline noticed Elizabeth was crying, she started crying.  After trying to get both girls to go over, trying high fives, chocolate, and anything else I could think of, we ended up with one picture.

Here it is:

 Does this bunny look high to anyone else?
I have not showered or washed my hair and I'm wearing a PITT t-shirt.
The girls are both making the same lock-jaw expression of get me out of here!

Happy Tuesday y'all!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter 2016 was a blast around here!  We had an extremely busy, fun-filled, love-filled, friend-filled day!  Our day started with Easter baskets and a great breakfast followed by church, lunch, an egg hunt and good times with friends.  Here is a look at our day, enjoy!

Elizabeth's basket on the left and Caroline's basket on the right
They usually get bubbles and chalk, new plates or cups, a toy, and new clothes or shoes.

My basket on the left and Ben's basket on the right.
I always pick up the Clinique spring gift and save it for my basket and Ben always gets his favorite snacks and a new pair of shoes.

I used paper plates this year because we were going to have a very busy day.
Large purple plates with pink plates on top holding the Easter grass and chocolate bunnies.

I saw these pretzel-filled chocolate bunnies and had to get them.
Everyone in my family loves chocolate covered pretzels!

Caroline checking out some goodies from her Easter basket.

Elizabeth digging through her basket

A whole bag of Hershey kisses!
This girl was so happy :)

Checking out Caroline's basket of goodies
(please ignore my wet hair and Christmas pajamas)

Time to hunt for eggs

Elizabeth is a pro

Caroline picked up a few, we weren't sure how she would react

Elizabeth trying to teach Caroline how to pick up the eggs

A very full basket

After we finished breakfast, we skyped with Ben's parents and then it was time to get ready for church.  Ben was reading at the 11:05am mass and so we had to get to church extra early so we could have a seat at the front.

I wanted to get some family photos before we left for church.  Unfortunately, our tripod broke a few months ago so we took turns taking pictures with the girls.  
* Most of the following photos have a blurry part because we had a smear on the lens that we didn't get off all day.  Whoops! 

Ever try taking pictures with young children?

This one is my favorite :)

Elizabeth refused to take more pictures

Boo Mommy!

Dad knows best...holding both of them works :)

I had to add this picture of Ben last Easter with both girls.
They have changed so much!

I also wanted some sister-sister pictures before we went to church.

I love this picture!

Tried getting them to sit and smile...

Cute girlies!

After church we headed to Kellie and Nitin's for Easter lunch. When I walked in the door, Kellie very nicely poured me a glass of wine because a) she is a great hostess and b) I had given it up for Lent.

Ben took this picture of me with my first glass of wine.
I missed my wine...

Before lunch we decided to take some kid group photos and then some family photos.  Below are our attempts at getting kid group photos and family photos ;)

Six of the eight kids
Kellan, Layla, Elizabeth, Ari, Hunter, and Caroline

All eight kids
Ellis, Kellan, Layla, Elizabeth, Ari, Hunter, Caroline, and Caden

And... they are off in eight different directions :)

Jhena and Adam with Layla and Hunter


Drew and Kyla with Ellis and Kellan

Kellie and Nitin with Ari and Caden

After a great lunch (where I forgot to take pictures) we headed back outside for the kids to do an Easter Egg Hunt!  The dads very nicely put eggs all around the front and back yard for the kids to go find.

The beginning of the great egg hunt

Once back inside, all the kids checked out their loot

Before everyone left, we snapped a quick photo of all the ladies :)

We had a great Easter and hope you did too!
Happy Monday!