Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kelly's Baby Shower

Pari and I threw a baby shower for Kelly on Saturday.  We had a lovely group of ladies from school come and enjoy an afternoon of delicious food, laughs, and lots of presents.  We are so excited for Kelly and Mike to welcome little Alex in September!  Please enjoy some photos of our wonderful afternoon.

Welcome to the baby shower!

Having a great time at the party!

Yummy food!

These owl cookies were great!
I got them here

I got the owl cupcake toppers and owl banner from here
Pari made these delicious cupcakes!

Diaper cake filled with diapers and onsies.

The Owl banner and presents!

Lots of presents for Alex!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Four months old

Dear Elizabeth,

Today you are four months old!  This month has been a wonderful month with you as we have seen you grow so much.  You are learning new things everyday and it is a blessing to watch you.  We weighed you tonight and we think you weigh a little over 13 pounds (we will find out on Thursday) and I think you are 24 inches long (but again, we will find out on Thursday). 

This past month you have moved onto a size 2 diaper, you wear 3-6 month dresses and 6-9 month onsies.  You are really long and the 3-6 month onsies just seem to small on you. 

Last week your Dad cut out your 10pm bottle, now you get 6 ounces, 4 times a day- 6am, 11am, 3pm, and between 6-7pm.  You sleep from around 7:30-8pm until about 6am. 

You still love your tummy time mat and we move the toys around and add new ones and you love to wiggle around on your back to find everything.  You roll up on your side a lot, but you have not rolled over yet.  Your dad and I think you won't do it because you hate being on your stomach.  You love your bumbo seat and have recently started stretching in it and raising yourself up in the seat.  It makes us very nervous.

You got a new toy this week, a swing for the doorway.  You sit in it and spin yourself around. 

A little over a week ago you were Baptized and we had a lot of family and friends come see you.  You are such a special little girl and we are so happy, lucky, and blessed to have so many people that care about you. 

This past month we have taken you on a lot of walks, gone to the park to play tennis, but ended up hiking.  We had Shelley and Adam over for dinner and Pari and Quin over for cards.  You go and play with Laura, Sam, and Alice everyday and have such a good time!  We celebrated Father's Day this past weekend and your Dad loved spending the day with you.  Your Fairy Godmother, Stacy, and I took you to the pool for the first time and you loved kicking in the water.

You are growing up so fast my sweet girl and I thank God for every minute I get to spend with you.  We are already so proud of you and are so excited to be your parents.

We love you Elizabeth Grace.


Mom & Dad

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Playing catch-up!

It's been a week and a half since I lasted posted and we have been super busy every single day since June 7th.  Stacy flew in on June 8th for Elizabeth's Baptism, my mom and Grandmother flew in on June 9th, and Elizabeth got Baptized on June 10th.  We had a party at our house after the Baptism and we were joined by lots of friends and family.  Elizabeth is one lucky girl to have so many people that care about her!

Before the Baptism

Getting Baptized

Me, Ben, Elizabeth, Stacy, and Adam

The Godparents: Stacy and Adam

The parents!

Family photo

Stacy, me, and Elizabeth!

The delicious party food!

Hard to see, but it says: God Bless Elizabeth
I got it here

Poms to decorate

Sangria and Lemonade

Our party favors:
Cross cookies with a tag
I got the tags here
and the cookies here

After the party, Elizabeth took a snooze on Debbie
(Ben and I love this picture!)

After everyone left, Stacy and I took Elizabeth to the pool
It was her first time in a pool and she did great!

Ben was playing with the camera the other night.
I. love. this. picture.

We moved 'Thirsty Thursday' to 'Thirsty Saturday' with Pari and Quin.
We had vodka lemonade.

Today is Father's Day and this is what we got Ben for Father's Day!
I found the glass here
I picked up the beers at Total Wine

It is engraved with Elizabeth's birthday; 2-18-12

Happy Father's Day!

Ben- thank you for being a wonderful dad to Elizabeth,
a great husband to me, and the best partner I could ask for.
We love you!