Friday, July 21, 2017

Pinkalicious Day {Family Book Club}

My Friday Favorite is all about our family book club day!

 It was all about Pinkalicious!
The girls love Pinkalicious so I knew it would be the perfect book for our first family book club day.

The girls came downstairs to a pink table.

Wearing pink dresses (and pink socks!)

Ben made pink waffles for breakfast.
He's wearing red (oh no, not red!) because he doesn't own any pink ;)

These girls were so excited for Pinkalicious Day.
They enjoyed pink waffles, pink yogurt, and pink lemonade for breakfast.

My pink waffle and juice :)

After our pink breakfast, the girls enjoyed their first pinkalicous craft.

I found these free printable cupcakes (just google pinkalicious free printables).

I gave the girls pink pom-poms, feathers, tissue paper, and crinkled paper and they went to town decorating their cupcakes.

They immediately used all the pom-poms.

Their finished cupcakes

After decorating the pink (paper) cupcakes, we headed to the library to 
check out more Pinkalicious books.
These are two of the six books we picked up.

When we got home, we read through several of the Pinkalicious books and enjoyed some quiet time.

Before lunch we tried pink smoothies.
Frozen raspberries, frozen strawberries, and greek yogurt.

Elizabeth and I really liked them.

Ben and Caroline did not care for them. :)

While the girls played, I made a Pinkalicious lunch.
Elizabeth had salami, pink goldfish, and pink applesauce.

Caroline's lunch was part Pinkalicious because she opted for a cheese sandwich and peach applesauce.

Ben enjoyed his Pinkalicious lunch with a salami sandwich, pink goldfish, and pink cookies.

After lunch, we made cupcakes.
While they were baking, Caroline went down for a nap.

While Caroline was napping, Elizabeth and I worked on her Pinkalicious writing skills.

She loved the tracing activities and asked me to print out more.

After nap time, we iced the Pinkalicious cupcakes!!

Caroline LOVES being Pinkalicious!

We iced a bunch of cupcakes and took them to some neighbors so they could also enjoy Pinkalicious day!

After cupcakes we made pink bead necklaces.

They loved making the necklaces!!

After a little free time, the girls worked on their last Pinkalicious crafts.

Finding the 'Ps' and coloring them with a pink marker.

And the other activity was using a pink dot marker to make a 'P'.

After this the power went out.  We had a huge storm come through and we lost power a little after 5pm.  We had been debating what to do for dinner and ended up ordering pizza.  We went for a walk around the neighborhood after the storm left and we played with the girls in the basement.  Once the girls were in bed, Ben and I played Yahtzee by candle light and enjoyed a gadget free night.  The power came on about five hours after it went out.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Happy Friday y'all!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

First movie and Cow Appreciation Day!

July 11th was Cow Appreciation Day and the first day Caroline watched a movie in movie theater!

The girls and I had been to cow appreciation day before (so we had outfits), but Ben has never gone.  So the girls made Ben a cow shirt to wear for dinner. 

 Working together to make Ben a shirt for Cow Appreciation Day

 While his shirt "dried," the girls and I went to the movies!

 Waiting in line and practicing the holding of the cow mask.

Family selfie while waiting in line (start of line to sitting down to dinner- 30 minutes).

 Earlier in the day I took the girls to the Summer Movie Express by Regal.
We watched Penguins of Madagascar.
This was Caroline's first movie in a movie theater!!
She sat in her chair the entire movie (I was very impressed).

Elizabeth sat in her chair the entire time too ;)
(sorry, kinda hard to see)

Happy Thursday y'all!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hidden Oaks Nature Center

Last week we headed to Hidden Oaks Nature Center for an afternoon of walking the trails, checking out the nature center, earning prizes, watching animals, and learning a lot about nature.

 I love these pictures at the sign.
Elizabeth is showing off her dress and Caroline doesn't want to be in the picture.

 Now they are both kinda trying to smile and be in the picture

 Excited to get started on our adventure

 Running down the trail

Once we arrived at the nature center, we spent over an hour exploring and learning.  We got to see snakes, toads, and turtles.  They were feeding the turtles while we were there and the girls liked seeing them eat.  The girls also turned in their tickets for their prize at the nature center (from completing their summer reading logs).   While we were there I didn't take any pictures (whoops) but once we hit the trail, I took a few.

 The girls loved sitting in the replica of an American Indian scarecrow hut.

 We worked on walking on the trails and not running on them.

 They inspected all the signs along the trail.

 Selfie with my big girl at the end of the trail.
 After the nature center we went over to McDonald's for some ice cream.
The girls had free ice cream for completing their summer reading logs.
 They loved every single bite.

 And the cones too!

I highly recommend going to your local library and inquiring about a summer reading program.
Our county gives out coupon books full of free goodies for the kids to redeem all around town.
Additionally, look for a nature center to explore- they are usually free (and shaded) so really good for a hot summer day.

Happy Wednesday y'all!