Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A day in the life...

One of my favorite blog posts to read are the "day in the life of" posts.  I love seeing what a typical day looks like for other stay-at-home-moms and how that differs from my working-mom friends.  Plus, most days are a mixed chaos of kids, chores, cooking, etc. that I want to make a point of remembering these early days of motherhood because they will be gone way to soon.

My "day in the life of me" post is from yesterday which was a fairly typical day (minus lunch at the mall).

I got up around 7:25 and was awake and mostly functioning by 7:28am.
I usually get up anywhere between 7-7:30 depending on what the girls are doing and what our plans are for the day.

The girls were playing in Caroline's bed.

Love their sister bond!

I got up and made our bed.
I can't stand having an unmade bed and I feel like I've already accomplished 
something before my day starts.
Plus- look at all those decorative pillows.  Do you know how much space they take up on my floor??

I head up to the girls room. 
They potty, brush teeth, get dressed, and make their beds.

Caroline is ready for the day.

Elizabeth is definitely ready for the day :)

We go downstairs and I turn on Disney Junior while I make breakfast.
We usually eat breakfast anywhere between 8 and 8:10.

After I eat breakfast, I pack Elizabeth's lunch.

Once I packed her lunch, I threw in a load of laundry and cleaned up the basement.

Then I headed upstairs and got ready for the gym.
Gym clothes. Check.
Gym bag packed. Check.
Awkward selfie in the bathroom. Check. ;)

The girls finished breakfast early and I was ready early so we played one round of their card game.

Elizabeth won.

I don't remember where we got this game, but it's super easy and fun.
Caroline started playing a few months ago because she can recognize pictures.

9am- headed to school

9:05am- dropped off Elizabeth, headed to the gym

Around 10:45am post-workout

She wanted to push the button

We got home around 11am and had an Amazon package

The birthday sign I ordered for Caroline's birthday- yay!

I turned a show on for Caroline to watch while she played with her Mickey characters.
I grabbed a quick shower and came back down to this cute girl.
I threw the laundry into the dryer and then grabbed Caroline for some errands.

 A little before noon, Caroline and I headed to the mall for lunch and shopping

 Caroline voted for pretzels.  
I brought her some milk and a few other sides so she had a more balanced meal.
Me, yeah I just had the sugar and cinnamon pretzel. :)

After pretzels we headed into Target to grab Caroline a Halloween costume.
Once we found her costume, we headed home for Caroline's nap and my chores.

 We arrive at home to another Amazon package.

 My mom sent me a book!!!
I love getting presents :)

Caroline went down for a nap at 1:30pm and that's when I changed clothes and started on my Tuesday chores- cleaning the main floor plus anything I didn't do on Monday 
(which would be all the laundry)

 Remember those clothes I threw into the dryer??
I opened the dryer door and found this quarter and Ben's headphones...

 All the vacuuming.
I also cleaned the half bath, mopped the kitchen, wiped down the counters, cleaned out the frig, dusted the living room and dining room.

 Clean for the moment :)

Around 3pm, I decorated the table for our 'Talk like a Pirate Day" afternoon fun.

 I set-up the table with pirate's booty for a snack and added some coloring sheets.
We have old pirate costume pieces from years past and I put them on the table for the girls.

I woke up Caroline and we went up to the bus stop to get Elizabeth.
When we came home the girls enjoyed their afternoon pirate surprise.

  This is about 4:30pm and the girls had a blast!

 They colored and enjoyed their snacks.

 Once they were done with snacks and coloring, the girls split up into separate activities.
I did another load of laundry...

 4:50pm- Elizabeth was practicing her writing skills

 While dressed like a pirate :)

 Caroline was watching TV for a few minutes

 I put all the laundry away...

 At 5pm we decided to interrupt the afternoon with a little girl having a potty accident in her underwear.  We then spent the next 30 minutes in the bathroom because she refused to get up.  Once she was cleaned up and had fresh underwear on we went back downstairs so I could start on dinner.

The girls and I had dinner at 6pm because Ben stayed at the office late to work-out.

 The girls had pirate boats with a side of fish and chips :)

I did cut-up Caroline's hotdog so she didn't have any issues chewing.

 Around 6:30pm- we headed outside to play for a bit before bed

 We played until 7pm and then headed in for showers.
After a quick shower, we got ready for bed and the girls were in bed by:


 While waiting for Ben I cleaned out my purse.
There is actually another purse inside my purse. Ha!

 I went through all my gift cards and check their balances.

 8:05pm- my handsome man came home and brought me wine!!

 8:25pm- Ben got to pirate boat hotdogs with fish and chips :)

We sat on the couch talking until about 9pm and then searched Netflix for a new series to start.
We picked Ozark.  

 After Ozark, Ben went up to shower while I put the dinner dishes away.
Then I headed upstairs.

I checked my steps for the day.
Impressive considering I rode the bike at the gym and didn't run.

 Played Candy Crush until I ran out of lives.

10:49pm- lights out, good night!

Hope you enjoyed a day in the life of me.

Happy Wednesday y'all!