Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Oxon Hill Farm

A few weeks ago, the girls and I headed to Oxon Hill Farm (part of the National Park Service).  It was a fun morning learning about animals, learning about farms, and feeding a few animals.

Walking onto the farm, we saw three cows

Trying to get a picture with the cows behind them
(they were a little nervous)

We headed over to see the chickens, learn about their lives, 
and then the girls were given a chance to feed the chickens.

Caroline just threw the food around

But Elizabeth would kneel and let them eat out of her hand

Then we went inside to see where they sleep and lay eggs.

The park rangers take the eggs and feed them to the pigs

After feeding the chickens, we walked over to see the pigs.
They were brand new to the farm (brought to the farm the day before)

After the Park Ranger fed the pigs we walked over to the horses.

She showed the kids how to feed the horses and then let them do it.

Caroline sat under the horse during the Park Ranger's presentation and I was so nervous!

Elizabeth feeding the horse

Caroline feeding the horse

We had a GREAT time at the Oxon Hill Farm!  I highly recommend checking it out.  It's free and they have a few scheduled activities in the morning (like feeding the animals and a story time).  They also have a ton of picnic tables by the parking lot.

Happy Wednesday y'all!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Crescent puff s'mores!

Last week it was rainy and cold and I thought it would be fun to make a warm snack for the afternoon.  Once Caroline woke up from her nap, the girls and I went down to the kitchen where I had set-up two "cooking" stations.

 Each girl had wax paper, a cup of chocolate chips, and a cup of marshmallows.  I rolled out crescent rolls for each girl and they filled them with chocolate chips and marshmallows.  Then we rolled them up, sealed the sides, and placed them on the baking stone.

 Each of them decided how many chocolate chips and marshmallows to add to their crescent rolls.

 Each of them got to make four snacks.

 All filled up and ready to go in the oven.

 Done baking@1
You can see where some of the marshmallow melted out.
Make sure you close up the sides well, I didn't do this and marshmallow leaked.

We each enjoyed these crescent puff s'mores!

You can find the recipe here.

I didn't follow it exactly, but they still tasted really good. :)

Happy Tuesday y'all!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a great weekend around here!  Mother's Day was a blast and we got a lot of work done around the house since it has been raining since Wednesday.  I started celebrating Mother's Day a little early (on Thursday) with a celebration at Elizabeth's school!

Elizabeth's class had a Mother's Day Tea for all the mommies :)

For years I have watched friends post pictures of their kids' pre-school Mother's Day celebration and so I was over the moon excited to attend my first one!  Elizabeth has loved every day of school this year and I loved celebrating Mother's Day with her and her school friends.

She made several cute (and personal) gifts and I relished every single minute of this special time.

On Sunday, I slept in and then finished my book in bed.  Once I got up, I came downstairs to homemade chocolate chip muffins, bacon, and champagne.  It was a wonderful breakfast with my people. :)

I opened a few gifts and then we got ready for the day.  Our plan was to head to a winery and enjoy a picnic after doing a wine tasting.

The girls took selfies while Ben and I did a wine tasting.

Family selfie while waiting for our next wine :)

We always love a good wine tasting!

After the tasting, we enjoyed a very windy picnic out in the fields of the winery.

But the view couldn't get any better!

 Ben trying to get a picture of us

The girls loved playing in the field after lunch

 Love these cuties!

 Singing and dancing

Dad and Elizabeth selfie

So happy!
Wine, picnic, and cake! :)

Sunday night we went in the backyard to take our annual mother's day pictures.
Due to all the rain, all the flowers had been washed away.

I love this picture!!!

And all of these!!!

 I know these are blurry, but I wanted to share.
This is the girls playroom after I've been off duty for the day...

Elizabeth was so proud of the mess.

Happy Monday y'all!