Monday, February 7, 2011

A week in review

This past week has been one of the craziest of my life.  Or most stressful...

On Saturday, January 28th we went to look at houses with our realtor, Eric.  We found a townhouse that we really like and on Sunday we put in an offer.

Here comes the stress...

Sunday night we waited, Monday we waited.  Monday late afternoonish we get a counter offer from the seller.  Ben and I discuss and we counted back Monday night.  Stress....

Tuesday afternoon we finally here back and the seller has countered.  Ben and I had agreed on Monday night that our offer was our highest and best offer.  So Tuesday afternoon we told Eric to tell the seller no thank you and that we would keep looking.

Stress gone... or so I thought!

Two hours later, at 5pm on Tuesday Eric calls back and says the seller will accept our last offer if it is still on the table.  Oh my goodness!!  STRESS!!!

I was already over the house and now it can be ours!?!?  This is crazy!  So I call Ben and we discuss and we agree!  So I call Eric and tell him we will take it! Holy cow, did we just buy a house!!??!?!  STRESS

We sign all of the papers on Wednesday morning and get everything squared away with the bank on Friday morning.  Saturday was our inspection because we close on February 28th!!!!  <Stress>

Here are some pictures from the inspection...

This is the basement and it opens up to our patio.

The kitchen...

The seller still has a lot of her things in the house so I am not putting up a lot of pictures.

On Sunday we hosted a Super Bowl Party and cheered on our Pittsburgh Steelers.  Even though we lost, we had a lot of fun, a lot of food, and lot of laughs.

Ben in his Hines Ward jersey with the Gold and Black cupcakes I made.  Yum! :)

The food table, minus the hot food.

Today I have worked, worked out, done homework, and now blogged.  Have a great week everyone and I will continue to work on managing my stress.

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