Monday, August 6, 2012

Ben is 30 + 1

Ben turned 31 yesterday and to celebrate, Elizabeth and I took him to Philadelphia for the weekend as a birthday surprise.  We had a ton of fun in Philly, we hung out with Dan, went around the city, drove over to New Jersey and went to the Aquarium, and even had cheese steaks at Jim's (the best cheese steak place around).  Here are some pictures from our long weekend away.  Happy Birthday Ben!

Philadelphia (from the Jersey side)

The organ at Macy's
(This Macy's is super fabulous.  It has the largest organ in the world and is a historic landmark)

First stop at the aquarium...

These Penguins are from Africa

Ben showing Elizabeth the Stingrays


Looking at Sharks!

Big Shark!


Showing Elizabeth the fish


Ben in front of a large ship

Dan and Elizabeth

Ben and his presents

Elizabeth helping Dad open his presents

Go Pens!

New suit

Yummy cake!

Happy Birthday Ben!

I love you!

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