Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend with Friends

So... Ben and I have been sick for over a week but we have previously made plans with friends before we got sick.  So, we rested up and pulled ourselves together and got together with some wonderful people that we don't get to see very often.

On Saturday, we meet Jen, Jill, Cathy, and Debbie for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Jen moved to Florida a couple of years ago but makes it up to DC several times a year.  She had never met Elizabeth, so we were excited for them to meet.

Left to Right:
Cathy, me, Elizabeth, Ben, Jen, Jill, and Debbie

Jen and Elizabeth

Debbie and Elizabeth

Elizabeth and Cathy

On Sunday, we drove to DC and had brunch at Greg and Charlene's house with their two adorable kids- Rosie and Atticus!  We forgot to take pictures but we had so much fun.  Atticus is almost 2 and Rosie is almost 5.  It was fun seeing them interact and how much they have grown since we last saw them.

We are hoping to feel better soon.  Until then, we shall keep resting (and drinking lots of orange juice).

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