Monday, September 17, 2012

Super Doubles!

Today I picked up some items at Harris Teeter for their super doubles coupons.  I didn't know yesterday when I went to Giant that super doubles were going on, otherwise Teeter would have gotten all my business. :)

So... today we got:

Eggs:  97 cents
Bacon:  $1.97
CPK Pizza:  $1.33
Kraft Fresh Take topping:  50 cents
(2) boxes of Cheerios:  79 cents
Ken's Teriayki marinade FREE
Pete's Hot sauce FREE
4 pack refrigerated jello snacks FREE

Total = $5.56

I''m not sure of the total saved or total before savings because as I paid, the power went out. receipt was only partially printed.  I know that my before coupons total was around $22 so we will just go with that number ($22) and I saved $16.44!!!

If you read my blog from yesterday you know we are trying a new budget technique this week.  I still have money left over from today to get any last minute essentials for the weekend.  Yay!

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