Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend Review

This weekend Adam and Brigette came up for a visit.  They arrived Saturday morning and we enjoyed chocolate chip muffins and mimosas.  After relaxing for awhile we went to World Market for Octoberfest where we enjoyed a beer and wine tasting.  They don't have World Market in Pennsylvania so Brigette and Adam enjoyed seeing everything.  After World Market we stopped by Total Wine on the way home.  We all picked up something good and sampled a couple more wines (beers for the boys). 

When we got back, we made popcorn and brownies and watched The Gamecocks! and the Pitt Panthers.  It was hard to go back and forth between the two games, but Elizabeth and I knew who we were cheering for (Gamecock!).

After the games were over (we both won!) we grilled out with Pari, Quin, Brigette, and Adam.  We enjoyed a great dinner outside and then played some Hand and Foot.

Sunday... we had a wonderful, lazy morning with eggs, bacon, and more muffins.  Then we went on a nice 2-mile walk and relaxed a bit.  We had tacos for lunch and then watched football (a lot).


Last week I wrote about our new weekly budget and using cash only.  Well, it was mostly a success.  Meaning, yesterday I forgot to take the cash with me when I went to pick up a couple of things (so I had to use my debit card).  We stayed within our weekly budget and we used cash for everything (when I didn't forget it).  We are going to try it again this week and I think we will be successful again.

We have also been planning our meals on a weekly basis.  We have talked about doing it on a monthly basis and we may do that for October, but right now I'm leaning towards the weekly meal planning because we budget on a weekly basis.

What does your family do?  Plan meals? Weekly?  Monthly?  Do you have a budget?


  1. We do weekly menu planning and have a budget.... I'd love to try the all cash operation. I like the idea of the weekly budget, maybe that's what I need to try!

  2. Hey Sarah, it has definetely taken some planning (and patience) but the weekly budget has been great for us. Hope you have a great week!