Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Twenty-one months!

Dear Elizabeth,

You are 21-months-old (and 1 day!).  You are so funny, talkative, and full of personality- my little lady, you. are. fabulous!

For the past six days, you have been a sick little girl.  This photo of you is from the weekend, where you are watching Elmo and holding Minnie Mouse, Ugly Monkey, and Monkey.  You are so cute (and so pitiful). 

We went to the doctor yesterday because you have been sick, so Mommy knows exactly how tall you are- 32 inches and how much you weigh- 22.3 pounds.

You wear 2T pants, 18-month shirts, size 4 shoes, size 24 month socks and 18-month coats.  You LOVE coats!  You love putting your "little wings" into the coat sleeves.  You also love wearing your hair ties and hair bows.  We have started putting your hair in two pigtails on the top of your head and you love shaking your head.

Some of your favorite things are: Sesame Street especially with Elmo's World, the Bubbles Bubbles book, and the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book. 

Some of your favorite foods right now: yogurt, apple sauce, cheese, pasta and sauce, peaches, milk, mac and cheese, and chick-fil-a grilled chicken nuggets.   You were given a kit kat at Halloween and really liked that too.

We have had a lot of fun in the last month (between all of our illnesses):
We took you to Butler's Orchard to get some pumpkins for Halloween. 
You helped Dad carve your pumpkin.

You had dress-up parties the week of Halloween at Mrs. Vicki's house.

You went trick-or-treating and had your first piece of candy.
You ate lots of pasta and sauce.

You helped Mommy celebrate her 32nd birthday.

Here are some of your adventures for the last month:

 Hanging around the house.

 She is up to no good...

 Have I mentioned she LOVES pasta?

 Super cute!

Trying to escape

 Story time with Dad

 Time to get some  pumpkins!

 So many pumpkins to choose from

 Smile for the camera

 Time to carve our pumpkins

 Pretty Princess!

 Friendly Leopard!

 Cute cat!
Time to trick-or-treat

 Family fun on Halloween

Hanging around the house.

 Time for more pasta!

 Love, Love, Love Pasta!!!

Happy Birthday Mommy!
 Pajama day

Sick day

We love you and are so proud of you!


Mom and Dad

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