Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I am thankful and feel so fortunate that we can afford to travel to see family and friends.
We don't live near either of our parents or siblings and I feel so blessed that we get to see them often
(either they travel to us or we travel to them).  We traveled to see each other every other weekend when 
we were dating, and now we travel to show Elizabeth the world.  I feel so blessed.

I am so thankful that Ben and I have built a home together.
It is so fun to watch Elizabeth grow and change from a baby to a toddler in our home.
It's our first house we have owned and the first place we brought Elizabeth to when we brought her home from the hospital.  It is our home and it will always be our first home together.

I am thankful and feel blessed to be an American.
I know it sounds cheesy, but I am thankful for this country and the rights of all its' citizens.
I can go to any church I want, read what I want, say what I want,
drive, vote, and express my opinion without fear of retribution.
N is the first letter of my last name.  My married last name.
I am so thankful for my husband.  He makes me a better person every. single. day.
Ben has taught me so much; how to love, how to give, how to be selfless, how to cook,
how to be patient, how to better communicate, and how to cheer for Pittsburgh sports' teams
to name a few.  The day I met Ben I knew there was something special about him and he shows me
every single day.  I am thankful for him.  Always and forever.

And all other forms of chocolate.  (okay, I am trying to be creative for "k")
But I really am thankful for chocolate (kit kats) and the fact that my whole family enjoys it.
A kit kat was the first piece of candy we ever gave Elizabeth 
(this Halloween was her first time getting candy)
and she loved it!
So yes, I am thankful for kit kats and snickers and M&Ms.

This year I set some lofty goals for myself and I have fulfilled them.
I wanted to lose weight, get healthy, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
I wanted to take my fitness to another level, and so I trained for a half marathon.
I did it!
Goal fulfilled!
I am so thankful that I still want to set new goals for myself and I feel so blessed that I was able to accomplish my goals.
I have watched my sister on her weight loss journey this year and she has fulfilled her goal and surpassed it!
I am so proud of Anna and I know she is working towards new goals.

I know that doesn't technically begin with a "U" but it is true.
I am thankful for all of you that read my blog.
I hope it something that you can relate to for some reason
and I hope it is something you enjoy.
Thank you to everyone for reading.  It means a lot to me. 

I am thankful for love.  My husband's love, my daughter's love, and my family's love.
I love my husband and daughter more than I knew was possible and I see that love growing everyday.
And I am so thankful for the love I receive from Ben, Elizabeth, my family, and my friends.
Again, I am so incredibly blessed and it is so easy to forget.  
Ben and Elizabeth- I love you!!!

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