Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Raves and Rants

I've read on several blogs over the past few days and combination of rants and raves, praises and complaints, thanksgivings and gripes, etc.  So... I thought I would do my own.

I have to say I absolutely love Clinique and it is the only thing I put on my face- Clinique sunblock, powder, blush, eye shadow, lip gloss, you get the point.  But for the past two years I have also been using the All About Eyes.  It is a wonderful moisturizer for the delicate skin around your eyes and helps with puffiness, dark lines, and wrinkles. 
Since I just turned 30, taking care of my skin in additional ways to the things I was already doing is something I have been considering a lot.  All about eyes is my little secret.  That and large dark sunglasses.

As a woman, I have been sensitive about my weight.  As a pregnant woman that sensitivity has skyrocketed.  I have a few close friends that have had children and lost all their pregnancy weight in what seemed like over-night speed.  I myself have been watching my weight when I step on the scale at the doctor's office and even go as far as to wear the same outfit every time, take off my shoes, and any jewelry I may have on.  That all being said, I cannot express enough my disdain when people comment on my size as a pregnant woman.  All of a sudden people think it's socially acceptable to comment on a women's weight because she is pregnant.  When did this happen?  I was raised to never comment on a women's weight, especially when she is pregnant.  Now some people are being all out rude while others and expressing their joy in my pregnancy in a poor choice of words.  However, I still find it socially unacceptable to comment on a woman's weight.  And for my last tidbit on this matter- aren't women supposed to gain weight when they are pregnant?

Christmas cards.  I. LOVE. THEM.  We have received 20 or so cards this year and I love seeing what people have decided to put on their cards to represent their families (or themselves) for this holiday season.  I save all the Christmas cards we get every year and they are on the top of the box when we pull out holiday decorations.  I am not sure if it is a "Southern tradition" as my husband claims, but I especially love the cards with pictures of families on them.  I thoroughly enjoy the "awkward family photos" (which I haven't seen too many of) and the pictures of the kids in matching outfits.  I find it is a wonderful keepsake for the year and a great way to track how my cousins that live 29 hours away change over the years.  Thank you to everyone that sent us a Christmas Card!  I love all of them!
Reese's.  They are hands down the. best. candy.  EVER.  My new favorite student (that shall remain nameless) gave me Reese's today for Christmas.  Thank you to my new favorite student!

I get highly irritated by slow drivers.  Does anyone have any recommendations for dealing with non-ideal behavior from my fellow drivers?  I feel as Christmas is getting closer that I am in a hurry up and happen mode and then I get on the road and the 374 people in front of me are driving 15 miles under the speed limit.  Is it because it's the holidays?  Is it because I am from Atlanta and everyone drives 80, everywhere?  Or, is it that I am highly over-estimating the number of slow drivers blocking my path to the grocery store/manicure/subway?

What are your rants and raves?

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