Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Savings

It's been a few weeks since we have couponed and done a savings trip.  But today I hit up CVS and Harris Teeter for a few items for our Christmas party and food for lunch for the week.

At Harris Teeter...
They were having an awesome sale on coke products!  Buy 3, get 2 free with a limit of 10.  I bought 6 and got 4 free, mostly for our party and my family coming for Christmas in a few weeks.

Continuing on my trip to Harris Teeter, we got 10 yogurts, 4 bananas, 2 toothpastes, 2 tooth brushes, milk, salami, and mints.

Total before coupons: $93.57

Total spent: $64.05

At CVS...
I purchased 2 bags of coffee, 2 cans on mixed nuts, 2 bags of Reese's, 2 bags of Chex Mix, 1 box of tea, and I received for free a $10 gift card to Macy's

Total before coupons: $48.95

Total spent: $23.22

Weekly total before coupons: $142.52

Total spent: $87.27

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