Sunday, December 1, 2013


We went to Atlanta for Thanksgiving.  We left Tuesday after work, drove for a few hours (6.5), stopped at a hotel, then finished the drive on Wednesday (5.5 more hours). 

When we got to Atlanta, we stopped by The Forum and picked up our 5K race packets for the Turkey Trot. 

Wednesday night we went downtown and met up with Chris, Leslye, Erika, and Mark.  We had so much fun hanging out, four hours had passed before we even realized it.  We definitely don't get to see these wonderful people often enough.  Thank you guys for staying up late and hanging out!

Thursday morning we got up, decided it was way too cold to run the Turkey Trot (24 outside with a wind chill of 12) and, stayed inside and ate a warm breakfast.

After a bit, we met up with my family and drove down to Jonesboro to celebrate Thanksgiving with our cousins.  Thank you Sharon and John for having all of us!

My cousins, Chris and Allison, had a little girl (Ansley) nine days after we had Elizabeth.  This was the first time that the girls had met and we had so much fun watching them play together.

Aren't they so cute???

On Friday, we met up with my family and drove downtown to go to the Georgia Aquarium.  I have been wanting to go there for years and I was so excited to take Elizabeth!  Let me say, the Georgia Aquarium is fabulous and if you have kids, you should definitely take them.  Elizabeth had so much fun, she ran around everywhere, and could not get enough of the fish.

She loves the aquarium!

  Mom, Andy, and Anna

 The Georgia Aquarium has this slow moving belt that you can ride on the go under the tank.  It was so cool to see this tank from another view.  Elizabeth loved it!

 Big shark!!!

Andy, Anna, and me

 Ben and I

 She loved the aquarium !!!


 Big whale shark

 I loved sharing this with her.

 Andy and Anna

 Telling her Dad about the fish

 Trying to touch sharks and sting rays

Touching the coral

After the Georgia Aquarium, we went back to Andy's apartment and played cards and had dinner.  Before we left, I had Ben snap a few pictures of me with my family (it has been 11 months since we were all together).  Thank you Andy for hosting all of us!

Mom, Andy, Anna, and me

Andy and Anna

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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