Monday, July 10, 2017

4th of July (long) weekend, Part 1

We spent five days and four nights in Pennsylvania over the long 4th of July weekend!  We drove up on July 1st and stayed with Jared and Kelly (and Kylie) for a wonderful time with friends.  Nick and Nico joined us everyday for pool fun, fireworks, Idlewild, grilling, and more pool fun.  Here is part one of our vacation:

July 1st (breakfast at home), Caroline is ready to get out-of-town
Elizabeth is taking her time :)

I drove the first "half"

The girls watching movies and playing with their magnetic drawing boards

In Breezewood we changed drivers.
Our 3 1/2 hour drive took 6 hours due to all the holiday traffic (and car accidents)
I was so happy to NOT be driving at this point :)

Skip forward to Sunday, July 2nd.
Pool party #1

Ben throwing Caroline


Ben's turn for the diving board

I love this picture!


Kylie, Nico, and Caroline swimming backwards

Elizabeth "swimming like a mermaid"

Love this guy!

We brought Elizabeth's summer pudding gift and shared with all the kids.
It was chocolate pudding "dirt cups" with crushed oreos and gummie worms.

Caroline played in blue sand and then ate chocolate pudding.
After this photo, Ben hosed her off in the backyard. ha!

We made mountain pies for dinner and dessert.
I had never made these and took my opportunity to document the process
(I knew my mom would have questions, ha!)
Above is the contraption you put your mountain pie in.

I made a dessert one.
Two pieces of buttered bread first.

I added Nutella, chocolate chips, and marshmallows.

The iron is closed and ready for the fire

Nick was a very nice (and patient) teacher

Cooking my mountain pie

Ready to eat!
It was really good!!

After dinner we did sparklers with the kids
Again, Nick was a very nice and patient teacher

Caroline LOVED sparklers!

Elizabeth was really concentrating

Nico LOVED it too!

A dad and his baby girl

Love these three!

Jared had fun with sparklers too :)

Then we made s'mores.

After s'mores, the kids went to bed and the adults hung out

We enjoyed the fire pit

That's a wrap on Part 1. Come back tomorrow for Part 2.

Happy Monday y'all!

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