Monday, July 17, 2017

First bowling trip of summer!

Way back in June (3 or 4 weeks ago) we went bowling for the first time this summer.  I signed the girls up for a free bowling program where they can both bowl two free games each day this summer.  They have been bowling a few times this summer and really enjoyed it and we are looking forward to many more bowling games this year.

 Elizabeth wanted to do everything "by herself"

 I helped Caroline roll the ball, but stepped back to get pictures of her.

 Mom's turn to bowl so they are managing the "command center"

 They kept trying to speak into the speaker and saying "abort the mission!"

 Elizabeth took my phone out and took pictures of me

 Not too blurry...

 She did get me in the center of the frame :)

 Selfie with my big girl at the end of the game.

I highly recommend looking into summer bowling programs.
The kids get 2 free games, I get 1 free game.
They do charge for shoes but I may order some for us.
It's great to do on those 90+ degree days when it's just too hot to be outside.
Almost all bowling alleys have ramps the little kids can use to push their ball down.

Happy Monday y'all!

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