Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I had Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off from work for Thanksgiving!  My grandmother flew in from Texas on Tuesday afternoon and my mom, brother, and sister drove up from Atlanta on Tuesday and arrived Tuesday night.  Ben took off Wednesday and Friday so he could hang out with all of us as we enjoyed a nice 5-day weekend!

Wednesday we took my family by my school and then went to DC and showed them a few sights.  We went by Ben's office then walked over to the Botanical Gardens, The Capitol, and then drove by the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.

Here are some pictures of our shenengians from Wednesday.

This is my grandmother, brother, me, my mom, and my sister at the Botanical Gardens.

Us in front of the Capitol.  Isn't the sky cool looking?

Ben with my family with the Washington Monument in the background.

After a fun day out in DC we got together for my cousin Jessica's 23rd birthday.  My aunt and her boyfriend joined us for dinner at Ted's and then we went back to Jessica's apartment for birthday cake!

Thursday was Thanksgiving!  And Ben and I cooked for my whole family!  Ben made the turkey and I made 4 casseroles (with Ben's help), pumpkin pie, biscuits, and mac n' cheese!

Our dining room table!

The turkey meat from the turkey Ben made and carved!  He is so awesome!

All the goodies!

Happy, full family.

Isn't my husband so cute?

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