Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I try to be crafty.  Sometimes I even succeed! 

My friend from work is leaving on Friday to go back to her old job.  I wanted to make her a basket of goodies to thank her for all of her hard work this year and helping me out a ton (she is a Spanish translator).

This is what I came up with:

This basket is so delicious. 

I think I really enjoy being crafty and creative (and girly) because at work I am in such a male-dominated field and I wear sweats and t-shirts to work everyday (don't get me wrong, it's fabulous).  However, I have been thinking more and more about working crafts into my life and maybe creating a second job (new business??)

I love decorating, planning parties, and "decorating" gifts, like the basket.  So my thoughts of crafting always lead me down that path.  Or scrapbooking.  I love scrapbooking!  But when I start thinking about maybe, possibly making my crafts into business, only one thing comes to mind.

The diaper cake I made for Stacy's baby shower for Emmie.  I absolutely loved making it and I think it looks pretty darn good (but I am biased).

So... would you buy a diaper cake from me?  Please leave your answer in my comments.

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