Thursday, April 7, 2011

Here's your sign...

I love this joke from Bill Engvall.  If you have never heard one it could go something like this...

Abby loading groceries into car

Random person "Hey, did you go grocery shopping?"

Abby "Nooo, I just filled random plastic bags with stuff from my house...."     Here's your sign

Has this ever happened to you??  I'm not sure why stupid questions are so irritating.  As a teacher I always tell my students that there are no stupid questions.  But, that isn't always true.  Is it?
When I've told my students the same thing 394,590,458 times and someone asks me the same question, I want to shout from the roof tops "Here's your sign"    However, I try to exhibit some self-control in my class and I do not scream "Here's your sign" but answer the question for the 394,590,459th time. 

Does anyone have any coping techniques to deal/handle/resolve irritating situations where the same information has already been given repeatedly OR is something so obvious (such as my grocery example) that it should not be asked in the first place?

Random of the day:
I was craving potato soup from a bread bowl today... this picture looks so yummy!
I hope I can get a bread bowl tomorrow (Panera was out today)

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