Thursday, April 21, 2011

Half bath and the deck

The half bath is done (almost!) and the deck is finished (yay!).  Ben and I each took on a project during spring break.  Mine was the half bath by the kitchen and Ben was given the task of power washing and water proofing the deck. 

The half bath was painted builder's cream, had a large towel rack above the toilet, it did not have a hand towel ring, and had an old school, ugly faucet at the sink.

The beautiful bathroom is now a powder blue, the large towel rack has been removed and a hand towel ring at has been installed near the sink.  I also installed a new toilet paper holder on the left side of the toilet.  I installed a cabinet and removed the mirror.  Ben installed a new faucet because I had no idea how.  Thank you Ben!!!

Now... before and after pics!  Ha.

Ugly faucet and ugly mirror.

Why a large towel rack in a half bath?

                                                               Boring, and old looking

Action photo!

All the walls are blue, however it does not look like it in this picture.  ha!
Like the new toilet paper holder?

Beautiful new faucet and towel ring!

Fabulous new cabinet.

Now... Ben updating the deck.

Look at how yucky and grey the deck is.

 Ben power washing the deck.

Ben water proofing the deck.