Friday, March 29, 2013

Stepping OFF the scale

Dear devoted readers,

It is time to step OFF the scale.  I am challenging myself (and you!) to stay off the scale for the month of April.

In preparing for my upcoming 5K race on April 19th, I am choosing to train without the scale.  My last race (on Thanksgiving Day) I trained for months because I was also working towards my goal weight (140) and I have now surpassed that goal (currently at 133).

All school year I have been talking to my students about improving their own personal fitness.  That it doesn't matter what the person next to you can do, but what you can do.  I need to start practicing what I preach and enjoy my active lifestyle. 

I have spent so much time focusing on whether I weigh 133 or 134 or 132 instead of focusing on the fact that I now fit into size 6 pants!

We need to focus on the good and leave behind the negative.  Please join me in the effort to put a positive foot forward. 

Say goodbye to your scales for one month and make an effort to be active at least three times a week.

Goodbye scale!

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