Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Savings

Today we hit up Bath & Body Works, Giant, and CVS. 

I had a coupon for a free travel size product from Bath & Body Works so we stopped by on our way to Giant and picked up some lotion. 
It's a $5 value that I got FREE!
After Bath & Body Works, we went to Giant to do some grocery shopping. 
We have a $50 weekly grocery budget and a $40 weekly "baby" budget (baby items include diapers, wipes, and baby food).

We are good on diapers and wipes this week, so we picked up a few baby food items at Giant along with our groceries.

Today we bought:
(4) boxes of Cheerios*
(3) boxes of Special K bars*
(2) package of Oscar Meyer bacon*
(1) bag of rice*
(1) large container of Stonyfield yogurt
(1) package of hotdog buns
(8) Yoplait yogurts*
(1) block of cheese
(4) bananas*
One pound of turkey lunch meat
(1) gallon of milk
(1) half gallon of milk
(1) orange juice

(2) squeeze fruits*
(1) pork loin
(1) bag of beer battered fish
(2) boxes of jumbo shrimp*

*denotes products I had coupons for

Total before savings: $117.66
Total after savings: $71.88
Total savings: $45.78
Total left of weekly budget: $18.12

After Giant we drove over to CVS so I could load us up on Easter candy while the prices are good. 

Today we bought:

(2) bags of Reese's eggs*
(1) bag of Hershey kisses*
(1) bag of Jelly Beans
(2) Snickers Eggs*

Total before savings: $10.23
Total after savings: $0.61  (That's right, I got our Easter candy for 61 cents!)
Total savings: $9.62

*I had $6 in ECB and two coupons for the candy for another $3 off.  I also received 99 cents back in ECB.

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