Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Twisted Tuesday

Today has been so strange. 

I slept in because I didn't sleep well last night and I had the craziest dreams all night.

When I got up this morning, I felt like I was walking through a fog.   A heavy, heavy fog that didn't lift for hours.  Even after breakfast and a shower, I was still foggy.

We went to the mall and had Chick-Fil-A for lunch (Elizabeth inhaled her grilled nuggets and apple sauce).  We walked by the Easter Bunny to check out the line for tomorrow and the Easter Bunny was this dingy costume and the Easter Bunny was sitting in a cage, like a large bird cage.  We will be going to a different mall tomorrow to get a picture with a more happy looking Easter Bunny.

After lunch (and the scary Easter Bunny) we went to Macy's to return a few things and ended up picking up a few things.  I needed a few things from Clinique and Elizabeth needs some new pajamas.  We also ended up getting new bedding.

I LOVE this blush from Clinique!
It is the Fresh Bloom Allover Colour
This is our new bedding.
It's the Martha Stewart Briercrest 9 Bedding Collection
After our Macy's trip we ran to BJs and got new cell phones and some groceries.  After BJs, we went to Harris Teeter to get a couple more groceries for the week. 
This is my new phone. 
The Droid Razr M.
Tonight we had Pari and Quin over for dinner and drinks.  In keeping with our Spring Break staycation, we are enjoying a different cocktail every night.
Tonight is Twisted Wine Tuesday.  Pari and Quin brought over a Rose to enjoy with dinner.

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