Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Bucket List

We are in full summer mode here and Elizabeth, Ben, and I are relishing in the warm, sunny days full of freedom and fun.  While in South Carolina last week, Stacy introduced me to fabulous new blog to follow : Dixie Delights is a fun, fabulous blog and the author lives in Atlanta!

While scrolling through Dixie Delights I came across a summer bucket list that the author put together with her husband and kids.  I thought it was a great idea and so Ben and I made up a summer bucket list for our family.

 This is our Summer Fun Bucket List.
Here are some items on our bucket list.
(Go to the zoo, try a new winery, take Elizabeth to the White House)

Here is our "done" wall.  
Some we will do several times (I hope!) like going to the pools, making s'mores, try a new recipe.

Yesterday was my first day in town and on vacation, it was a great day that Elizabeth and I spent hanging out together.  We went to the gym, then ran errands, had lunch (she napped afterwards), and then we went to the pool.  We had the pool all to ourselves (which is fabulous!) and we stayed for about 40 minutes.  Here is a picture of Elizabeth after swimming:

(She kept her sunglasses on the entire time)

Today I woke up early to run, but it was raining so I decided to run at the gym.  I woke Elizabeth up at 8am and then we hung out and ate breakfast until we went to the gym at 9am.  After the gym we came home and had lunch and played.  After her nap we went to the Woodlands play area.  Elizabeth was nervous at first but then ran around playing with all the kids and had a blast.

 Climbing on the tree base

 Trying to climb up the slide

She loved crawling through this log


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