Friday, January 3, 2014

Foot surgery update: Part 2

Today is the 2-week mark since my foot surgery!  I am so excited to be done with this process and even more excited that in 2-3 weeks I should be able to run again.

Today I had my appointment for my 2-week post-op visit and my stitches were to get removed today.  Since the surgery on December 20th, my foot has been wrapped up and the stitches were starting to itch (a good sign that the wound is healed).

Ben drove me through the snow and ice to get to my doctor's appointment and I am so happy to say that I got an all-clear and I got the stitches removed!  Woot Woot!

*Some of the pictures are slightly graphic, so stop reading if that bothers you*

 Waiting for the doctor.
Pumped to get this surgery shoe off and my stitches out.
(and oh yeah, Go Gamecocks!)

 Removing the bandage

 Examining the wound/scar/stitches

 About the remove the stitches

 Removing the stitches

 Band-aid to protect me

Ready to go!

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