Friday, January 17, 2014

National Children's Museum

Tonight we took Elizabeth to the National Children's Museum at National Harbor. 

We had never been there before, but Elizabeth had gone once when she was about 9 months old with Laura, Sam, and Alice. 

Backing up for a minute in this story.... earlier this week I was looking for things for us to do this weekend since we have a three-day-weekend.  We had never been to the Children's Museum so I went over to their website to check it out. 

What I learned is that they were offering a FREE Family Night from 5-7pm tonight.

So instead of going Saturday morning for $30, we went to night for FREE!

Elizabeth had so much fun running and playing with other kids her age, and I loved that we got to check out the museum for free.  (After going back and looking at their website, it appears they do two free nights each month).

Here are some pictures from our fun tonight:

 Elizabeth headed into the 3 and under Sesame Street Section
It's for people under 3 feet tall

She played in this house for about an hour

 She just kept saying "Weeeee   Weeeee   Weeeee"

 Then we moved into this bus full of food and she loved playing with all of it

 She she found this magnetic board with numbers and shapes

 Then we played with a ton of plastic animals

 Back to the sesame street house

 Then she played in the fire truck

Then she got into some sort of taxi

 Then she found another kitchen
She cooked for us


In case you want to visit, here is the link

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