Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Preparation

I am a southern girl (from Atlanta) now living a little further north (Northern Virginia).  While I am still considered a resident of a southern state, we definitely have more snow/ice/sleet/and school closings than I ever had growing up.

In the last (almost) 5 years, I have learned to keep a few essentials around the house.  I have also learned it is important to invest in good quality items when it comes to being prepared to battle the cold.

So, if you have two inches of snow once every seven years, or ten feet of snow for five months out of the year, I think these are items you should keep around your house.

 You will definitely need a great snow coat.
One that is layers is preferable.

A pair that is made for snow.

A scarf and a hat.
Any scarf.
Just get a scarf, and a good hat.

Snow boots.
Ones that go above your ankle are the best.

 Snow scraper and brush for your car.
I really like this one that extends, it helps get the snow off the roof of your car.

Snow shovel.
It is very important to shovel all of the snow off your driveway and sidewalks as soon as possible.
If you don't, it will freeze and turn to ice.

Relax by a warm fire

Enjoy a nice hot chocolate!
Whip cream and marshmallows are a great addition!

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