Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Frozen birthday weekend

We celebrated Elizabeth's birthday all weekend. 

just a warning: about 200 pictures ahead :)

Friday afternoon, both girls were given a gift- Elizabeth received a new Elsa dress AND tickets to see Disney on Ice for that night!  Caroline received a new Anna dress to wear to Elizabeth's Frozen birthday party (and every other day). ;)

Friday night, Elizabeth and I headed into DC on the metro (Elizabeth was so excited to ride the train) and went to the Verizon Center to see Disney on Ice!

We got there early and went to check out our seats, they were great!

After we grabbed dinner, Elizabeth was allowed to pick one item as a birthday gift/souvenir.
She clearly has her momma's expensive taste and picked this light-up Frozen wand.

She was so excited!

On the way back to our seats, we saw this giant Mickey and Minnie poster, so we stopped for a picture (or three).

This sweet girl is so so excited!

The show is starting in five minutes...


"Mommy, when is it starting?"

"Let's take selfies until it starts..."

kinda blurry, but still happy :)

wand selfies

The show
(more details below)

The show was really great!  
The first half went about 50 minutes and the second half went about 40 minutes.
There was a 20 minute intermission.
They did scenes from most of the Disney princess movies, with emphasis on Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Frozen.
Frozen was the last 20 minutes of the performance.
I highly recommend this show for ages 3+ and come dressed up.

Saturday was Elizabeth's actual birthday and I set the table Friday night after we got back.
She is very into Frozen and had a Frozen party Sunday night, so I used the decorations both days.

I love the big number balloons.
It's a tradition of ours now.

Ben was in charge of wrapping presents :)

We enjoyed doughnuts and bacon for breakfast on Saturday morning and then opened presents. :)

Elizabeth was very nice about opening presents with Caroline's help

Playing with presents!!

Dressed as Elana of Avalor

After we opened presents, I surprised Elizabeth with her first pedicure!

She was so excited to put her feet in the water. :)

All smiles :)

Purple polish and then sparkles on top!

After lunch, Nana and Pap Pap were here with more presents!

We went to dinner at Chili's (birthday girls request) and then came home and enjoyed the largest cupcakes in the entire world.

LOVE my family!

Sunday after church we took some selfies and then went out to lunch

Love these three!!

Selfie with the birthday girl

Chocolate milk shakes for the birthday win!

After lunch we headed back home to get ready for the party and Nana and Pap Pap headed back to Pennsylvania.

Elsa hair. Check.
Elsa dress. Check.
Ready to party. Check! Check! Check!

Love this birthday girl!

Two happy parents :)

Birthday girl and birthday girl's sister

Selfies before the party

Tables are set for the pizza party!

And the "movie theater" is set-up for Frozen!

Frozen snowballs for a movie snack

Some decoration photos :)

Pizza time!


Group photo before pizza party

"Silly photo time"

Watching the movie.
LOVE these kiddos!  
They were all so good :)

After the movie, it was time for cake!
Elizabeth requested a Frozen cake.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

After cake, we sent all the kids home and enjoyed a few more minutes with our birthday girl.

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Elizabeth's birthday with friends and family!  

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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