Thursday, February 9, 2017

Life Lately

Life lately has been full of me still recovering from being sick and trying to have some fun with my girls.  We played outside (a lot) and went to the zoo.  It's been a fun week and I am looking forward to a great week next week with Valentine's Day AND Elizabeth's birthday!

First let me say, happy nine-year-date-anniversary to Ben!  We started dating nine years ago today and these have been the best nine years ever!  I'm looking forward to more adventures over the next nine (and more) years! :)

February 9, 2008 - First date :)

January 28, 2017 - most recent date :)

Here is a little look at life lately:

 Caroline was super chilled out in the car last week ;)

 I was sick in bed... and the girls wanted to visit me

 By Friday, the girls had destroyed the playroom

 Ben said they buried themselves under all the toys in the corner...


 Sunday was Super Doubles at Harris Teeter and my first day out of the house

 Sunday afternoon, Elizabeth and I made brownies for the Super Bowl

 We had a blast watching the game with the girls

 On Monday morning, I took the girls to the mall to play after we ran some errands

 Monday afternoon we took a walk on the nature trail

 Well, I walked and they ran ;)

 And had stick fights

 And ran across the bridge

 After the nature trail, we went to the playground for a bit

 Caroline LOVES to climb the ladder

 We went back home and grabbed Elizabeth's roller skates and did a little practicing

 Caroline was too busy looking at Elizabeth's skates to smile for the picture :)

 Monday night I sent this picture to Stacy.
The girls either sat one me, held my hand, or wanted to be held all day.
I think they missed me while I was sick and stuck in bed

 Tuesday afternoon we walked the nature trail again

 Found rocks

 Had a rock throwing contest

 for awhile...

 We went over to the playground and they raced up and down the slides for 10 minutes

 Tuesday night we went to Chick-Fil-A kids club.
They made book marks and cards for Valentine's Day

 Oh, Hi Mom!

Elizabeth LOVES the cow!
Caroline does a nervous laugh around the cow and then hides.

 Wednesday it was 70 DEGREES!!!
We spent half the day at the zoo and had a blast!
First stop, the Elephant house.

 Three elephants came into the room right after we walked in.

 Caroline's favorite animal is an elephant.

 She loves to just state at them.

 We got to see one of them eat a snack

 And about five minutes later, they all went back outside.

 We went over to the Giant Panda exhibit next


 After the panda exhibit, the girls wanted a snack and Elizabeth wanted to sit in the stroller

American Bison


 More elephants

 Me: "Hey girls, please smile"
Elizabeth:    :)
Caroline: ....

And that's life lately.

Happy Thursday y'all!

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