Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Apologies blog readers, I've been totally slacking on the blog front.
February is a very busy month for us and I am trying to find time for everything.

So I thought today I would share some "stuff" that we have done. :)

 1. Free bagels and smear

 Last week, Caroline and I grabbed two free bagels and smear at Einstein's Bagels.
We both loved our bagels!

 2. Snow
 We got a dusting of snow last week.
It was so windy that all this snow was blown away about two hours later.

3. Date anniversary

 Last week was our 9-year-date-anniversary.
We made cheese and chocolate fondue at home after the kids were in bed.

 Did I mention I have the best husband ever?

 Love this guy!!!

4. Anna and Elsa

 I have two girls that are OBSESSED with Frozen.
Caroline walks around dressed as Elsa all day

 On this day, Elizabeth actually put on the Anna costume, 
but they usually fight over the Elsa costume.

Sisters playing sisters. :)

That's a little bit of our "stuff".

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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