Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This week is teacher appreciation week.  Last week (or the week before) was administrative assistant appreciation day.  It is so easy to forget to express appreciation for those that do so much for us.  When I'm praying a night I always thank God for a healthy baby, my wonderful husband, and our life together.  However, this teacher appreciation week has reminded me to express my appreciation for more than my husband and daughter.

* I appreciate the custodians at school that clean up after a long day in the building, and those that keep the building clean while we are here during the day *

* I appreciate the postal worker that delivers our mail 6 days/week.  It's like getting a little present everyday.  I love getting the mail! *

* I appreciate my family and Ben's family traveling here when Elizabeth was born *

* I appreciate a good manicure and a good pedicure *

* I appreciate my husband for packing my breakfast and lunch every day.  I didn't realize how time consuming it was until I did it for the last month because he was off from work. *

* I appreciate every day that I spend with my mom or talk to her since her heart attack. You never know when someone will be gone and you must appreciate every moment. *

* I appreciate the quiet time I get to spend with Elizabeth before Ben gets home *

* I appreciate having a job, having a house, and having my health *

* I work very hard to appreciate everything God has provided for me (and my family) *

Those are just some things off the top of my head.  What are some things you appreciate or forget to appreciate?

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