Thursday, May 17, 2012

Triple Coupons and Thirsty Thursday!

I promised there would be more shopping at Harris Teeter and there was!

I went this morning and picked up (2) packages of Pampers wipes and (2)  Kraft Fresh Takes seasonings. 

The wipes are normally $3.29
They were on sale for $2.89
I had (2) 75 cent coupons that tripled to $2.25
So I paid $0.64 per package of wipes!

The Kraft Fresh Takes are normally $2.99 each
I had (2) 75 cent coupons that tripled to $2.25
So I paid $0.74 per package!

Total before coupons: $12.56
Total spent: $2.97

After work, I picked up Elizabeth and Ben and we went back to Harris Teeter.  I didn't do so great this time around because I bought a couple of things that I did not have coupons for.

I got Trix cereal, 1 box of bagel bites (no coupon), 2 packages of cookies, 2 Lindy's Italian Ices,
2 Dove bars, Icebreakers mints (no coupon), 2 packages of tuna, and 1 package of sausage.

The cereal, Italian ice, and sausage were on sale (plus coupons!)

Total before coupons: $33.18
Total spent: $19.74

Thirsty Thursday continues...

Ben made our Thirsty Thursday drink tonight.
It's an oldie but goodie.
Orange Juice and Vodka (we used our orange infused vodka from last week)


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