Saturday, October 20, 2012

25 til the big 3-1

In 25 days I will be 31 years old. 

( Isn't this cake fabulous!?!)

I am excited for this birthday as my 30th year has been one of my best ever.  I still firmly believe what I said when I turned 30.  My 30s will be way better than my 20s because:

1) I now have the money to do the things in my 30s that I wanted to do in my 20s
2) I have the most wonderful husband in the world
3) I have the most wonderful daughter in the world
4) I have accomplished the goals I set for myself (things I wanted to achieve by the time I was 30) - such as, own a home, be done with college/graduate school, become a mom

So, now as go further into my "best decade ever" I need to set some new goals:

1) I want to travel to Italy before I am 40.
2) I want to buy our "forever" home before we are 40.
3) I want to maintain good fitness

In working towards goal #3, I have been working really hard the last two months to lose weight and get into better shape and I want to push myself ever harder.  Starting today, I am challenging myself to a 25 to 31 challenge.  25 days to better health by my 31st birthday.  To work towards this goal I want to:
- Work out at least 6 days/week
- Use My Fitness Pal everyday
- Be able to run 1.5 - 2 miles without stopping by my birthday
- Update on my blog everyday my progress (accountability) of today, here are my stats:

I am 5'3" (I don't think that will change)
I weigh 145.4
I wear a size 8 pants, small or medium shirts, and size 7 shoes (don't think shoe size will change either)

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