Friday, June 28, 2013

Road Trip!

On Monday, Elizabeth and I headed South to Columbia, South Carolina to visit my friends from back in the day.  I have to start by saying I had a FANTASTIC time and I want to say a special thank-you to Stacy and Paul for letting us stay with you.

Pulling out of the driveway Monday morning.

Elizabeth was a great travel buddy on our 7-hour car drive.  She took a couple of naps, watched cars and trucks drive by, and talked to me for a bit.  We stopped half way for lunch and she took FOREVER to eat (like 45 minutes) because she kept looking at the balloons and summer decorations hanging from the ceiling.  We got to Stacy and Paul's house around 4pm and hung out until Dana come over for dinner.

Dana, Elizabeth, and me

My beautiful college roommate, Dana, came over for a pizza dinner at Stacy and Paul's.  Dana is pregnant with her first baby and I am so excited for her!  She is going to be the best Mom and I can't wait to meet her beautiful baby.  

On Tuesday, we played in the backyard in the morning and went to the Fort Jackson Water Park in the afternoon.

 Emmie and Elizabeth swinging in the backyard.

 Putting on some sunscreen at the water park.

 Splash park for the little kids.
Elizabeth loved it!

On Tuesday night, Elizabeth and I met Teri and Libby at Wild Wings for dinner.

Teri and Libby are two of the most fabulous women I know.  I used to work with them at an insurance company in Columbia.  Teri and Libby helped keep me sane during a rough year before graduate school.  I really enjoyed meeting up with them and introducing Elizabeth to two of my favorite people.  Thank you Teri and Libby for meeting us for dinner!

On Wednesday, we got up and ready early and took the girls to the River Banks Zoo.  Stacy has a membership and it is a fantastic place to take little kids!

 Elizabeth playing in the bubbles at the entrance.

 Elizabeth, Emmie, and Ellie playing with the bubbles.

 They LOVE the bubbles!

The bears were feeling lazy.

 Elephants are Elizabeth's favorite!

 At the zoo


 Emmie and Elizabeth feeding the giraffes

Looking at cows

We spent the rest of Wednesday hanging out at the house and playing in the backyard.

 On Thursday, we drove back to Alexandria... (I was a little bored and took a bunch of pictures)

 Leaving Stacy and Paul's house

 1 hour in and she is asleep

 Lunch at a truck stop Dairy Queen; chicken strip and banana

 We made it home!!!

Thank you to everyone that took time to meet up with us and again, thank you Stacy and Paul for letting us stay with you!

Happy Summer!

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