Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day at the Museum: National Museum of Natural History

Today we went to the National Museum of Natural History.  We got there a little after it opened (about 10:15am) and strolled through the mammal exhibit with zero crowds.  Yay!  Elizabeth loved all of the animals and we spent most of our time in that exhibit.  We also walked through the Ocean Hall and went upstairs to look at the Hope Diamond.  We grabbed a pretzel outside afterwards and had a nice stroll through the sculpture garden.
The Elephant in the Rotunda.  
I had a hard time getting Elizabeth to look at the camera and not at the elephant.

 In the Ocean Hall

 Walking into the Mammal Exhibit

 Following the giraffe footprints

 Following the deer(?) footprints

 Checking out some animals

 She liked the brown bear
Not scared at all

 Walking through the sculpture garden

Elizabeth liked all of the sculptures

Happy Tuesday!

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