Sunday, November 23, 2014

Weekend in review

Our weekend has been very busy even though we didn't do too much.

Saturday, we got up and I fed Caroline.  After she ate, she was so happy and just smiling non-stop, I had to snap a few pictures.

After that, I headed out to Tyson's corner at 9am to try out the Paul Mitchell Salon.  It is run by students and my cousin had highly recommended it.  She did caution me that I should be prepared to spend a lot of time there (a lot of time).

Well... my experience at the Paul Mitchell Salon was great and I highly recommend it!  I spent about 25% of what I normally spend for a full highlight and cut.  My student was great and had a great teacher that checked in constantly.  The teacher checked all of her work and even helped cut my hair. 

Once I got home, we headed to church to see Ben get recognized as a new Lector (and he lectored at the mass).  I am so glad we all got to go and this was the first time we have taken Caroline to church (she slept through most of the service).

Today we got up and headed out to our neighbor's birthday party.  That took up the late morning into early afternoon.  When we got home, Elizabeth fell fast asleep on her floor for her afternoon nap.  :)

 Do you see Elizabeth?

Tonight we celebrated my cousin's birthday with a spaghetti dinner, cupcakes, and presents. 

Two birthday parties in one day is a lot, but someone had to eat cupcakes (Elizabeth).

Hope you had a great weekend!

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