Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day!

Our Father's Day started off interesting, progressed into more interesting, had a bit of an upturn, then turned bad, but ended great!

It started with Ben being in Pennsylvania for his cousin's wedding.  He slept in a little on Sunday, packed up, had breakfast, and got on the road to head home.

Once Ben was "on the road" is when things got interesting...

First- there was a car blocking (stopped horizontal to traffic) the two different ramps for the Pennsylvania turnpike.  Ben could only go to the right to get around the stopped car, which then had him going west on the turnpike instead of east.  Twenty minutes later, and he was finally going the right direction.

Second- Ben stopped to get gas and wanted to wipe off his windshield with the squeegee at the gas station.  Well, he couldn't use it because a man was washing his ENTIRE car with the squeegee.  Doors, windows, hood, bumpers, EVERYTHING.  See, more interesting stuff... ;)

Once Ben got back on the road, he stopped a little later for lunch and the Wendy's that was opened two weeks ago was completely shut down, boarded up, sign gone.  (Sidenote, Wendy's is Ben's favorite fast food)

Ben got home over an hour after his original ETA but we enjoyed a few kid free minutes while the girls were napping/resting.  Then we opened presents, had brownies, and headed to the pool for a few hours!  *upturn*

After the pool we headed home for Ben's father's day dinner- deep fried onion rings, french fries, ravioli, chicken bites, and mozzarella sticks.  We got the oil out, pulled out the food, set-up the deep fryer...and it wouldn't turn on!!! :( 
*turned bad*  We fed the girls and then debated on what to do.

After the girls were in bed, we decided to grill hotdogs and enjoy cocktails on the deck.  We stayed up eating, drinking, and chatting until almost midnight and had the most wonderful and relaxing evening together.
*Ended great*

Here are some pictures of our adventures :)

 Ben's Father's Day goodies
We filled his growler, Elizabeth and I made brownies, Elizabeth left him her swim class certificate, Elizabeth also made him a post card, and his presents.

 I was so happy to see Ben, I took a picture of him as he opened the door :)

 These girls LOVE their Dad

 Elizabeth picked out the card all by herself

 Godiva dark chocolate bar

And a new hose :)

Happy Father's Day honey!
We love you!

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