Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Weekend Review

This past weekend was our only weekend in Virginia during the month of June.  It was really nice to take a break from being on the road, but we were still very busy.  Elizabeth had her last day of camp, I went to Baltimore to visit a college friend, we hung up our new curtains, Ben added sand to the patio, I got my hair done, we had movie night, Ben read at church, we played dress up, and got in some pool time.

 Last day of summer camp!
Elizabeth had a day at the splash park, a hotdog party, and popsicles all on the last day.

 She was very excited to go to camp on Friday! :)

 While Elizabeth was at camp, I drove to Baltimore to visit my friend Josh.
We went to undergrad together and now he lives in China
(so we obviously don't see each other very much)
Josh was in Baltimore for the National Athletic Training Association Conference so we met up during a break in the conference.
It also happened to be Josh's birthday so we celebrated with cake :)

And of course a selfie :)

 OH just a panda, reindeer, and bunny hanging out on a Friday night

 After Caroline went to bed, we had movie night with Elizabeth.
She loves to snuggle with Ben and eat popcorn on movie night.
I love to watch them together :)

 Saturday morning I got my hair highlighted.
Super happy after getting my hair done! :)

 While I was getting my hair done (and running errands) Ben had the girls playing outside
And enjoying popsicles :)

 Caroline's face and arms were red the rest of the day. Ha!

We tried to let the girls sit at their little table for lunch.
It ended with me chasing Caroline all over the place to get her to sit.
I guess she needs her booster seat awhile longer...

 Saturday night dinner on the deck
Ben got Caroline to stick out her tongue

 And me

 And Elizabeth :P

 Kinda hard to tell, but new blue curtains in the bathroom

 And new (very) turquoise curtains in our bedroom

 Sunday morning, Caroline and I went grocery shopping, so Ben and Elizabeth washed his car.
I think she did a great job!

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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