Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Super Doubles

Super Doubles started back today at Harris Teeter and I am here to report that the items are got are completely random.  I did get a ton of baby stuff- diapers, snacks, etc., but otherwise it was a complete random collection of two trips to the store.

Here is what I got:
 Trip One

Trip Two

(5) Bags of diapers
(4) Bags of chips
(4) Containers of puffs
(2) Bags of frozen rolls
(6) Boxes of squeezies
(2) Lysol wipes
(1) Bottle of men's shampoo
(1) Bottle of men's body wash
(2) Tooth pastes
(1) Tooth brush
(4) Taco seasonings
(4) Bottles of mouth wash
(2) Boxes snickers ice cream bars
(1) Box of M&M ice cream sandwiches
(1) Box of frozen fruit bars
(2) Packages of breakfast sausage
(1) Bag of frozen meatballs
(1) Bag of frozen dinner
(1) Box of oreo snacks

Total spent: $58.96 (in two trips)

Total saved: $120.79

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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