Thursday, June 9, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been busy, busy, busy.  We are traveling all. the. time. and trying to have fun at home during the times we are in town.  I am also working on keeping some sort of summer schedule by starting the day at the gym and then playing, running errands, etc.

Here is our life lately...

Saturday afternoon, the girls and I hit up the pool.

These silly girls were all over the place while I was getting us ready to leave. :)

We had a blast at the pool!

While the girls and I were at the pool, Ben was in Pennsylvania at Matt's pig roast.
Ben's Uncle Tom does a pig roast at his farm for bachelor parties.
All the guys in the family get together and hang out all day.  

It was a big pig, I think Ben said 120 pounds...

Pig is done :)

While Ben was out-of-town, I cleaned out my closet.
It kinda took over our bedroom...

All my old Clinique gift bags :P

Four bags of trash

Three bags to donate

Clean closet!

On Sunday, we went to meet my friend Ricky for lunch.
We had a few minutes before lunch, so we played on the playground across the street.

I promise she liked swinging more than this picture shows :)

Me and Ricky

Sunday afternoon we went by BJs to get some groceries.
I saw this when we walked in...
Dear family and friends- please consider this for my birthday/Christmas present when we move to a bigger home :)

Elizabeth has become obsessed with smoothies, 
this is a strawberry one I made earlier in the week.

Happy Thursday y'all!

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